Prince William And Kate Middleton NOT “Moving To America,” Despite Report

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Prince William Kate Middleton Moving America

By Michael Lewittes |

Prince William Kate Middleton Moving America


Prince William and Kate Middleton are NOT “moving to America,” despite a wholly fabricated tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the false claim. We’re told by a palace insider that the story can be entirely “discounted.”

According to the ironically titled OK!, the royal couple is looking for a “large estate” in the Hamptons and “plan to be settled” by summer. It’s something they’ve “secretly desired for a long time,” claims the tabloid. The magazine then quotes a fully ill-informed “source” as saying, “They’ve always wanted to have a home somewhere abroad,” and have “narrowed” down their choices to a few properties. The so-called source adds, “Now they’re just going through the formalities.”

What’s more, the tabloid quotes its questionable source as saying David Beckham told Prince William, “Moving to America was the best thing that he and Victoria ever did.” The magazine even notes, “It’s unusual for an heir to the British throne to grow up outside of England, of course, but not entirely unprecedented.” The British historians at the tabloid then point out that George II was “born and raised in Germany.”

Of course, the tabloid vacillates between making it seem like Prince William and Kate Middleton are moving full-time to the U.S. and simply getting a summer home in the Hamptons so “George and Charlotte will be able to enjoy the sea and sunshine.” Regardless, the magazine says the move will occur in July, but Gossip Cop is told that it may happen as soon as a week from… never.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are NOT moving to America, even for the summer. They’re not looking at any homes in the Hamptons. The magazine’s cover story is a complete lie. A palace insider exclusively assures Gossip Cop that the tabloid’s entire report can be “discounted,” which is the fancy British way of saying it’s complete bullsh*t.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are moving to America.


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