For the last few years, the tabloids have been falsely announcing Prince William and Kate Middleton have been chosen to be the next king and queen of England. Gossip Cop has corrected these lies so many times, we have a photo gallery documenting all the wrong cover stories. Now this week we've been proven right.

While Prince Charles is the next heir in line to the British throne, the leader of the Commonwealth is not determined by heredity. It is up to the member countries, of which there are 53, to decide who should succeed Queen Elizabeth upon her death or abdication. On Thursday, the queen addressed the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, where she expressed her desire that her son eventually take her place. "It is my sincere wish that the Commonwealth will continue to offer stability and continuity for future generations and will decide that one day the Prince of Wales should carry on the important work started by my father in 1949," she told the assembled officials.

As the summit continued on Friday, the countries released a collective statement that announced it was agreed Prince Charles would indeed be the "next head of the Commonwealth." This goes directly against the narrative the tabloids have been peddling. The gossip media has long wanted readers to believe that Prince Charles would be skipped over in order for Prince William and Middleton to lead.

This falsehood was spread so often in the last year that Gossip Cop named Prince William and Kate Middleton being crowned king and queen one of our top rumors of 2017. Most egregiously, just last month the National Enquirer claimed in a cover story that Prince William and Middleton were being crowned in a "secret succession plot." It was specifically alleged that representatives of the Commonwealth nations would gather in April to "set up the abdication" of Queen Elizabeth and "oust" Prince Charles as well.

The plan for this so-called "coup" was said to entail "banning Charles from ever being crowned king, and handing the monarchy to William and Kate." The front of the issue even announced, "April summit of government leaders to exile Charles!" Well, it's now April and the leaders did gather. But they did the opposite of ousting, banning and exiling Prince Charles. Rather, they agreed, as expected, that he should succeed his mother.

When Gossip Cop busted this latest claim about Prince Charles being cast aside in favor of his son and daughter-in-law, we noted that it was an ongoing conspiracy theory without any substantiation. Now we have been proven right.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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