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Prince William and Kate Middleton are not being crowned king and queen as part of a "secret succession plot," contrary to a tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can confirm this report is completely untrue. We can also explain how it's part of a pattern of falsehoods.

According to this fictional tale from the National Enquirer, a "meeting of government leaders will make the sensational decision" to "oust" Prince Charles and name Prince William as the next king of England. The gossip magazine alleges this is part of a "palace coup" by representatives of the Commonwealth realms to "seize power." Specifically, it's claimed envoys from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom are gathering in April to "set up the abdication" of Queen Elizabeth and change the head of the monarchy.

"It's a history-making decision," a so-called "Buckingham Palace insider" is quoted as saying, going on to contend that the "coup leaders are absolutely outraged" by Prince Charles' scandals and believe he is "unfit to rule." The plan, maintains this alleged tipster, is to have papers "banning Charles from ever being crowned king, and handing the monarchy to William and Kate." Queen Elizabeth, it is claimed, will "spend her finals days advising her grandson and his wife in their new demanding roles as king and queen."

The "formal announcement," however, won't come until the summer, alleges the outlet, which nevertheless asserts that plans for a coronation are "already underway." The aforementioned "insider" even predicts to the publication that the ceremony will take place "in September next year." Gossip Cop suspects the tabloid is actually hoping this bogus narrative is long forgotten by the fall of 2019.

It is true that royal succession is governed by laws enacted by members of Parliament, which can "deprive" a rightful heir. That said, there is no real "secret plot" or "palace coup" in the works. This notion that Prince Charles will be passed over in favor of his son and daughter-in-law has no legitimate substantiation. Rather, it is a conspiracy theory that the gossip media regularly uses to sell magazines. In fact, the untrue claim that Prince William and Middleton are on the verge of being named king and queen has been wrongly spread so many times in recent years, Gossip Cop has a photo gallery (below) to keep track of such lies.

The National Enquirer is following in the footsteps of its sister outlets, Star and OK!, in peddling this bogus storyline. Notably, this latest article came out on the same day Buckingham Palace documented on Twitter how Queen Elizabeth is fulfilling her royal duties. She is expected to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Gossip Cop also must point out that this is the third time in recent weeks that the tabloid has offered readers an utterly outrageous royal-related cover story. Last month brought both a fabrication about Meghan Markle having a "secret hook-up" with Matt Lauer and utter nonsense about Prince Harry's purported "real dad." It seems the magazine is content spreading untruths just to grab readers' attention.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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