Prince William, Kate Middleton Becoming King And Queen In $1 Billion Coronation In 2020?

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In Touch cover of Queen Elizabeth naming Kate Middleton and Price William as king and queen

By Hugh Scott |

In Touch cover of Queen Elizabeth naming Kate Middleton and Price William as king and queen

(In Touch)

Prince William and Kate Middleton have not been named the next king and queen of England by Queen Elizabeth. Once again, Gossip Cop is forced to correct another vacation of this ongoing storyline. The tabloid reporting it is wrong.

An article in In Touch is alleging that Queen Elizabeth doesn’t think her son and heir, Prince Charles, is right for the job of regent. According to the bogus report, she recently held a family meeting and announced her grandson, Prince William and his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, will become the next king and queen of the United Kingdom. This is an ongoing false narrative that Gossip Cop has repeatedly busted.

In the latest article, the tabloid quotes what it describes as a “palace insider” as saying, “The queen deemed it better that William and Kate take the throne.” This almost certainly phony “palace insider” goes on to say, “To put it frankly, she doubted whether [Prince Charles] possessed the right personality traits to take on the crown. It’s important to the queen for her successor to be popular.” The biggest problem here, as any true palace insider would certainly understand, is that the queen doesn’t have the power to change the line of succession.

There are a number of laws regarding succession in the U.K. and all of them come from Parliament – not the figurehead living in Buckingham Palace. As popular as Queen Elizabeth is, she is not all-powerful. She doesn’t have the authority to name the next king or queen. Prince Charles will succeed her, unless for some reason he steps down or dies before her. Only then would Prince William become the heir apparent. In Touch should know this, as Gossip Cop busted the publication last year for making the same false claim.

Even more audaciously, the tabloid asserts that there will be a huge coronation for Prince William. The bogus source says, “There will be a $1 billion televised coronation at Westminster Abbey this summer.” So, not only is the outlet wrongly purporting Prince William will become king, but it’ll be summer 2020. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles have both announced that the queen has no plans to step aside and retire. Unless the tabloid is predicting the queen’s death, then there are no plans for a coronation at this time. And if there were, Prince Charles would be named king during it. Meanwhile, the tabloid’s phony report last year predicted a “$500 million coronation.” Either the cost has doubled in 13 months, or, more likely, the entire story is made up.

In Touch has a notoriously poor track record when it comes to the royal family. In March, the tabloid made up a story about Middleton being pregnant with baby number four. That completely fake story also claimed to quote a palace insider. Nine months and four days after the tabloid published that nonsense, it’s safe to say Middleton wasn’t pregnant.


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