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Last year, rumors swirled that Prince William and Kate Middleton's marriage was struggling amid allegations he had an affair. Tabloids covered the supposed scandal from every angle, including reports that the couple was either living apart, considering a divorce, or that Meghan Markle was somehow getting involved. Gossip Cop investigated every one of these rumors and found them all to be false.

Last April, rumors emerged that Prince William had cheated on his wife with her friend, Rose Hanbury. The claims were outrageously untrue, but Life & Style capitalized on them anyway. The tabloid said Markle told Middleton that she'd "practically forced" Prince William to cheat on her. A supposed source told the outlet that Markle, instead of giving her sister-in-law a shoulder to cry on during this alleged cheating scandal, told Middleton that if she'd "made more of an effort to glam up and look sexy, William would never even have looked at another woman."

Gossip Cop didn't trust the word of this so-called anonymous "insider," and researched the matter further. We found, in a rare move, that attorneys for Prince William had commented on this and other stories of this nature, saying they were no more than "false speculation."

The Globe picked up the scent of this rumor and ran a story every week for three weeks speculating on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's marriage. During the first week, the publication asserted that Prince William and Middleton were in the middle of divorce talks over the alleged affair. A "royal insider" told the outlet, "This is a full-blown divorce crisis for William and Kate that could rock the monarchy even more than when William's father, Charles, divorced Diana."

Already having seen the statement put out by attorneys for Prince William, Gossip Cop didn't buy this story for a moment. Small red flags throughout the article, like the money from the supposed divorce settlement listed in American dollars instead of British pounds, also clued us into the fact that this story was totally false.

During the third week of the outlet's baseless speculation about the royal couple's marriage, the Globe claimed Middleton had collapsed over Prince William's cheating scandal. The publication alleged that Middleton was "frailer from barely eating and sleeping for more than two weeks" and that she'd worked herself into a "frazzled state," which led her to collapse in the bathroom of her parents' home. Gossip Cop believed the only one in a "frazzled state" was this trashy tabloid. No other outlets reported Middleton collapsing, which is because the story was fiction.

Finally, another American tabloid stepped in to muddy the waters even more. Star published a story reporting that Middleton had taken the couple's three children and moved in with her mother in response to Prince William's alleged cheating. According to a unknown source, who was somehow privy to a conversation between the couple, Prince William told Middleton he felt like they were "losing their spark" after he'd had the affair. Middleton, if the tipster is to be believed, "sprang into action" and moved into her parents' home with their three kids.

Looking back at the rumor a year later, it's clear it was total fiction since Prince William and Middleton are still together. In fact, Gossip Cop discovered that the same week these bogus rumors were published, Middleton and Prince William were spotted together at several royal events. Tabloids are obsessed with anything that smells like a scandal when it comes to the royals, even if the scandal is phonier than a three dollar bill.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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