Prince William Does NOT Hate Celebrating Kate Middleton’s Birthday, Despite Report

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Kate Middleton Birthday

By Michael Lewittes |

Kate Middleton Birthday

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Prince William doesn’t hate celebrating Kate Middleton’s birthday, despite a made-up report. Gossip Cop can correct this untrue story. We’re told it’s simply a fabrication.

According to the repeatedly discredited Celeb Dirty Laundry, Prince William “hates celebrating” his wife’s birthday. The unreliable webloid alleges that its observance on Monday is going to be “overlooked this year,” and that Prince William prefers to put “royal work before [his] relationship” with Middleton. Nowhere in the site’s 500 word-plus article does it quote anyone or have any concrete evidence that Prince William will be blowing off Middleton’s 35th birthday.

Instead, the lazy outlet simply regurgitates several of the royal couple’s upcoming engagements, all of which are listed on Kensington Palace’s Twitter feed for everyone to read. Additionally, the website meaninglessly recounts how Prince William wasn’t publicly spotted with Middleton on her birthday years before they were even engaged.

Regardless, the site’s fact-less story is entirely absurd. Notwithstanding, Gossip Cop checked into the claim that Prince William will ignore Middleton’s birthday on Monday. A royal insider assures us it’s not accurate.

Not surprisingly, CDL has a well-documented history of fabricating stories about the royals. Gossip Cop busted the untrustworthy webloid for concocting an article that alleged Middleton was flirting with British sailor Ben Ainslie last spring during an Olympic training session. In October, the site manufactured a false tale about Prince William favoring Princess Charlotte over his son George. And Gossip Cop recently exposed the outlet for publishing a wrong report about Middleton trying to befriend Meghan Markle for her Hollywood connections. Much like all those untrue claims, the latest about how Prince William “hates celebrating” his wife’s birthday is also a complete lie.

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