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Have Prince William and Kate Middleton traveled to the Isles of Scilly with the goal of having a new baby? Gossip Cop looks into the misleading story.

A Sweet Escape?

In a misleading cover story, New Idea claims to have a “heartwarming exclusive” about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge “aiming to conceive at the earliest opportunity.” The article claims the Cambridges have escaped to the Isles of Scilly, an island off the coast of Cornwall, in hopes that “she falls pregnant” as one anonymous insider puts it.

It’s worth noting here that this tabloid has already claimed Middleton was pregnant with a fourth baby. We busted that claim a few months ago, but now the tabloid is apparently running that story back and saying the couple simply hopes to get pregnant. Inconsistencies like this make tabloids untrustworthy and throw the story into doubt.

This is all pretty crass and inappropriate for a magazine to speculate on when a couple plans to conceive a child. The only people who would know such intimate details would be the couple themselves, so everything else could only ever be speculation and rumormongering.

The Whole Story is Misleading and Speculative

While reports indicate Prince William and Kate Middleton did indeed recently travel to Scilly, Gossip Cop can safely say this story shouldn’t be trusted. The photographs provided, supposed evidence of a trip to Scilly, are actually from two different trips years ago. A photograph of the couple exiting an airplane is from a 2019 trip to Islamabad. Another photo is actually from a trip to Scilly… in 2016. Neither photos show the couple in masks which is a huge tip-off during a pandemic.

The cover of this issue says Prince William and Middleton “announce baby No.4,” but the article itself is all about the exact plans of conception. This is a bit of a bait and switch, as the tabloid wants you to believe the two are pregnant and hoping to be pregnant at the same time.

Furthermore, the article says “the Cambridges are now back at their full-time residence” where Prince William is now allegedly trying to “shield his doting wife” away from Meghan Markle-related drama “when they’re trying for another child.” So the tabloid is saying the couple took a trip to Scilly to get pregnant, they didn’t, and are now back on the mainland still trying to conceive? At that point, it could hardly be called a “babymoon” and sounds exactly like a regular old vacation.

The Tabloid Doesn’t Have Any Insight Into Kate Middleton

New Idea has a terrible track record when it comes to Middleton. Earlier this week Gossip Cop busted the tabloid’s “exclusive interview” with the duchess, which was only to a bait-and-switch interview with a royal reporter. It claimed Middleton was fighting with Camilla Parker-Bowles over the throne, which is impossible as the throne is still firmly occupied by the queen. Heck, this tabloid reported Prince William and Kate Middleton have taken over the throne during the pandemic, which was obviously made-up.

While a vacation to the isle of Scilly took place, this tabloid has no business calling it a “babymoon.” It couldn’t offer evidence of any conception plan, nor offer any photographs from the trip. This story is misleading, and yet more evidence that this tabloid should not be trusted with royal stories.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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