Have Prince William and Kate Middleton had to flee to their country home to protect their kids from stalkers? One tabloid has claimed that as its cover story this week. Gossip Cop can debunk the tall tale.

According to the cover story of this week’s issue of Woman’s Day, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have taken their kids and fled London to their Norfolk country home amid a supposed rise in dangerous stalkers who supposedly have it out for the monarchy. The tabloid cites unspecified “experts” who fear that various recent controversies have led to a rise in stalking incidents for the royals.

“Kate has begun fearing for her safety in a way she never thought possible,” an unnamed “insider” says, adding, “she’s seething that it’s because of the ridiculously selfish behavior of members of her family.” That behavior, if it’s not obvious, refers to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to step back from royal duties, together with Prince Andrew’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein. “Kate hates that because of the greedy actions of few, her family is forced to run away from their home.”

In case you couldn’t tell, this article is mostly just a thinly veiled attempt at taking yet more shots at Markle and Prince Harry. Rumors have indeed been circulating about an increase in stalkers for the royal family due to do the controversies the tabloid mentions, though Gossip Cop should note that the story has not been confirmed by any completely reliable publication.

The real story, of course, is simply that Middletown and Prince William are isolating in the country amid the coronavirus pandemic. They haven’t fled Kensington Palace because of stalkers, but because a densely-packed city like London is not the best place to be right now in terms of the pandemic. As the official residence of many members of the royal family, Kensington Palace most likely has extremely tight security.

This isn’t the first time Woman’s Day had pushed a phony rumor about Prince William and Kate Middleton. The tabloid often enjoys pitting them against other royals, especially Prince Harry and Markle. Last November, the tabloid claimed that the Duke of Cambridge was “furious” at his brother and Markle for skipping Christmas with the royal family. Gossip Cop dismissed the claim as bogus: the Sussexes had spent Christmas with the royals for the past two years, and were simply taking this year to be with Markle’s family. Prince William and Middleton do the same thing, splitting their holidays between their two families.

A month before that, the magazine published an absurd story alleging that the Queen was naming Prince William as her new heir apparent, and was handing the title of queen off to Middleton. The story was plainly false. Even if Queen Elizabeth doesn’t think her son Prince Charles should wear the crown (which isn’t true either), the heir to the throne is determined by parliamentary law, not her personal feelings on the matter.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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