Prince’s Will Secretly Hidden?

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Prince Will Hidden

By Shari Weiss |

Prince Will Hidden

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Was Prince’s will secretly hidden by a mysterious person? That’s the claim coming from one of the tabloids.

Wednesday’s new issue of In Touch notes that Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson filed a petition last month to “start probate proceedings and divvy up his estate because the ‘Purple Rain’ singer didn’t have a will.” But the magazine claims a “source has come forward” to tell In Touch that “Prince did have a will — and someone may be hiding it.” The so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Without a doubt, he prepared paperwork regarding his estate.”

Prince “would never allow all his earnings to go to his family,” claims the supposed snitch. “He despised most of them. The fact that his will has now gone missing is all too mysterious.” The magazine further says that “the fact that no one can produce the will is only fitting.” Adds the alleged tipster, “During his life, Prince’s entire persona was a complete mystery. After his death, it’s no different.”

But these are very serious allegations. If someone was “hiding” Prince’s will to protect his assets, why hasn’t such a person come forward to ensure his estate is sorted according to his wishes? On the flipside, the implication that Prince’s sister or another relative could be “hiding” such a document for financial purposes essentially means the magazine is suggesting someone is committing a crime.

Most importantly, though, this speculative tale is coming from the same tabloid that published a cover last month announcing Prince was “murdered.” Gossip Cop called out the shamefully false allegation, and now the publication wants readers to believe a “source” with knowledge of a will came forward to In Touch of all outlets? The magazine is reaching, and what makes it worse is that it’s doing so to try to profit off a tragedy.

Furthermore, a Minnesota judge has NOT ruled that Prince didn’t have a will. The court has only said that one has not yet been found. That is an important distinction.


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