Prince Biological Son Claim Disproven By DNA Test

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Prince Son DNA Test Results

By Andrew Shuster |

Prince Son DNA Test Results

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A DNA test has disproven a claim made by prison inmate Carlin Q. Williams that he’s Prince’s secret biological son and the rightful heir to the late singer’s fortune. Lab results released on Wednesday indicate there’s a zero percent chance of Prince being the man’s father.

Shortly after Prince died of a drug overdose in late April, several people came forward claiming to be the musician’s blood relative, and therefore entitled to a portion of his estate. Williams, who’s currently serving a 92-month sentence in a Colorado federal prison for felony gun possession, filed legal documents in May demanding genetic testing.

Williams is the only claimant who’s submitted to a DNA test thus far, as the others have argued that documentary evidence, such as birth certificates, should be sufficient. The inmate’s story involved an 18-year-old Prince supposedly impregnating his mother in a Kansas City hotel in 1976, but scientific results have now refuted that tale.

As Gossip Cop reported, a Minnesota court appointed Bremer Trust to administer Prince’s estate shortly after his death, since it’s not believed that the singer left a will behind. In order to divide his fortune, the bank needs all possible heirs to prove that they are related to the singer through DNA testing.


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