Prince’s Sister Tyka Nelson ‘Today’ Show Video: Watch Paisley Park Interview

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Prince Sister Tyka Nelson Today Show

By Andrew Shuster |

Prince Sister Tyka Nelson Today Show


Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, opened up about the death of the musician on Wednesday’s “Today” show. She also revealed new details about his Minnesota estate, Paisley Park, being turned into a museum. Watch the interview, and see a tour of Prince’s home in the videos below.

On the morning talk show, Nelson said she and her family are “doing well” six months after the death of her brother, adding, “I was closest to him, so I think I’m taking it the hardest.” She also admitted to being in denial about his passing at first, but is learning to accept that he’s gone. She went on to describe what fans can expect while touring Paisley Park, which will soon be open to the public as an exhibit. Nelson promises people will feel Prince’s presence while inside the vast estate, noting, “Anytime you look at his clothes or shoes and hear a song… And then of course, the doves.”

Just a few of the museum’s displays include Prince’s elaborate outfits, handwritten notes, his music studio filled with dozens of instruments, and the Purple Rain room, which features the script, guitar and one of the motorcycles he rode in the movie. Additionally, Prince’s Oscar for Purple Rain and 2004 Grammy for Musicology are on display.

“I want them to feel like maybe they saw Prince up close,” Nelson said about the experience of touring the estate. “Sometimes when you’re a fan, you get to only see him from a seat, but this way you’re almost face-to-face with him. And when you see the different eras and also hear the different music, I want you to go away with your memories.” Watch Nelson’s “Today” show interview and see a tour of Paisley Park in the videos below.


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