Prince NOT Murdered, Despite Report

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Prince Murder In Touch

By Shari Weiss |

Prince Murder In Touch

(In Touch)

Prince was NOT murdered, despite a shamefully deceptive new tabloid cover. Gossip Cop can correct the story.

The new issue of In Touch hit newsstands on Wednesday blaring, “Prince’s Death: Investigator Says… IT WAS MURDER!” The magazine proclaims to know “what really happened” before the superstar was found dead less than a week ago. But the supposed “truth about his final hours” is largely speculation and conjecture.

In fact, the cover story is really a bait-and-switch. While the cover itself was designed to lead readers to believe someone committed murder by fatally wounding Prince, the actual story suggests that his death was merely caused by negligent doctors. The difference may seem subtle, but is actually quite huge.

“Homicide has not been ruled out by the Minnesota authorities,” writes the outlet, even though the Carver’s Country Sheriff stated in a press conference on Friday that no foul play was involved. So, where does In Touch think “murder” actually fits in? The tabloid quotes a private investigator who has NOTHING to do with the case as saying, “If someone overprescribed medication for Prince, in my opinion, it was murder.”

The magazine goes as far as comparing the situation to Michael Jackson and Conrad Murray, calling it a “precedent.” The difference, though, again is quite significant. Jackson died immediately after Murray administered a fatal amount of Propofol. This was known right away, and Murray ultimately faced a manslaughter charge.

Prince, however, was alone at the time of his death, with no one else at his residence. And while a drug overdose has not been publicly ruled out as cause of his death, there’s been nothing to suggest so far that a specific doctor was involved with the singer immediately before his passing. In Touch simply decided to capitalize on all the attention in one of the most sensational ways, disregarding facts and manipulating information.

And as disgusting as it is, Gossip Cop isn’t surprised. This is the same outlet that actually faked a suicide note in a horrendous 2014 cover story tied to Robin Williams’ “final hours.” Gossip Cop exclusively exposed that fabrication, and we can now say this: The Prince “murder” cover is a lie.


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