Prince Louis, Queen Elizabeth First Meeting Details Made-Up By Tabloid

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Queen Elizabeth Prince Louis First Meeting

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Queen Elizabeth Prince Louis First Meeting

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A tabloid is claiming to know the details of Queen Elizabeth’s first meeting with newborn great-grandson Prince Louis, but the story is made-up. It was actually pre-written in advance of their introduction. Gossip Cop can expose the trickery.

The new cover of Life & Style features the teaser, “Royally Cute: The Queen Meets The New Prince!” It is accompanied by a photo of Queen Elizabeth looking at a baby (see below). Anyone would rationally conclude that it is a picture of the queen meeting Prince Louis. That’s not the case. The gossip magazine is deceiving readers by featuring a random, old image of Queen Elizabeth greeting a child. It has nothing to do with her introduction to Prince Louis.

The deceptions continue inside the edition, where the article in question is headlined, “An Audience With The Queen! Inside The Royal Baby’s First Week At Home.” According to the story, Queen Elizabeth was “out of town when her sixth great-grandchild was born, but she hurried back to meet him as soon as she could.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “The queen doesn’t usually get emotional, but as soon as she held the baby, her eyes welled up with tears of happiness.”

This is all a fabrication. This issue of the print publication hit newsstands on Wednesday, which means it had to be sent to the printers by Monday night at the latest. But as reported by ABC News and other reputable outlets, Queen Elizabeth didn’t meet Prince Louis until Tuesday, when she flew via helicopter to Kensington Palace. Simply, when the tabloid wrote its tale about the infant’s “audience with the queen,” it hadn’t even happened yet.

The queen did not “hurry back” from being “out of town” for the introduction, nor did the meeting take place during Prince Louis’ “first week at home.” Monday marked the one-week anniversary of the royal heir’s birth and, again, the family meeting did not take place until Tuesday. The timeline shows the cited “insider” is either fake or ill-informed.

Why does this matter? Because this magazine regularly pretends to have insight on the royals, but is repeatedly caught lying. This is the same publication that spent months insisting Kate Middleton was having twins. Gossip Cop corrected that made-up contention throughout the Duchess’ pregnancy, and we were proven right last month when she gave birth to a single baby, Prince Louis.

The outlet has yet to apologize or issue a correction for spreading an indisputable falsehood. Rather, it has moved on to manufacturing new narratives that are also provably false. Among the key tenets of journalism are accuracy and credibility. Life & Style is exemplifying neither and must be held accountable for its transparent lies.

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