Prince Jackson NOT Feuding With Sister Paris, Despite Report

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Prince Jackson feud Paris

By Michael Lewittes |

Prince Jackson feud Paris


Michael Jackson’s oldest son Prince and daughter Paris are not feuding, nor is there sibling rivalry between the late singer’s kids, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim about his children “fighting over fame.” We’re told the entire premise is “not true.”

According to RadarOnline, Prince publicly aired his family’s supposed dirty laundry on Tuesday during an interview on “Good Morning America.” The webloid claims that just days after his sister Paris signed a modeling contract with IMG, he sent a message to his “sibling and rival” when he said on “GMA,” “I’m the King’s son!” The often disproven site notes how Jackson’s daughter recently discussed being sexually abused in an issue of Rolling Stone, before alleging, “Paris’ big brother was not happy about her spilling the beans on the famous family.” The outlet then quotes a so-called “source” as saying, “Prince was very upset about it,” adding, “He feels Paris sold him out to become more famous. He and [younger brother] Blanket wish she would have cleared it by them first.”

To say the webloid’s article misrepresents the facts would actually be extremely forgiving. First off, when Prince told Robin Roberts in his interview on “GMA” that “I’m the king’s son,” it had absolutely nothing to do with his sister, a supposed feud or any purported sibling rivalry. Roberts had simply asked him how he came to name his video and film production company “King’s Son Productions,” which he reasonably explained was that his father “earned the epithet of ‘King of Pop,'” and he’s Jackson’s son. If anything, Prince humbly noted he’s working hard to achieve his own success.

More significantly, Prince was on the morning talk show to discuss a charity he co-founded called “Heal The World,” which helps the homeless, hungry and abused in the Los Angeles-area. But instead, RadarOnline used his good deeds and stepping out of his private life to spin a negative and entirely fake news story about Jackson’s kids “fighting over fame.” Regardless, a source close to Paris tells Gossip Cop that all talk of a feud between the model and her brother is “not true,” and the same sentiment was echoed by a Prince insider.

Of course, the webloid doesn’t exactly have a stellar record when reporting about Paris. Just a month ago, Gossip Cop exclusively corrected the outlet when it wrongly claimed Paris was writing a tell-all, revealing Jackson family secrets. And, Paris slammed RadarOnline herself for it untrue relapse article last summer. All the site had to do is take a cursory glance at Prince’s social media (such as the post below) to see how proud he is of his sister. Once again, the webloid is feuding with the facts.

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