Prince Alleged Heirs Refusing DNA Test

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Prince Heirs Refusing DNA Test

By Shari Weiss |

Prince Heirs Refusing DNA Test

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Two of Prince’s alleged heirs are refusing to take a DNA test to prove they are biologically related to the late superstar.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Prince unexpectedly died last month at the age of 57. A Minnesota court has appointed Bremer Trust to administer his estate, since a will has not yet been found, if one even exists. And for the division of his fortune, the bank wants any and all heirs to prove they are related to the singer through genetic testing.

But in legal documents filed in Carver County District Court on Monday, Brianna Nelson and Jeannine Halloran argue that DNA testing should not be required. Nelson claims she is the daughter of Prince’s late half-brother, Duane Nelson Sr., and therefore entitled to his portion of the estate. Halloran says her own daughter, identified only as V.N., is Duane’s granddaughter, and should also get the inheritance.

In the joint filing, the two women say that instead of complying with genetic testing, they have provided enough documentary evidence, such as birth certificates, to prove the lineage between themselves and Duane, as well as Duane and Prince. Interestingly, in contrast, an imprisoned man claiming to be Prince’s son has said he is eager to do the DNA testing to prove the paternity. Prince’s six living siblings (his sister Tyka and five half-siblings) have not commented on the new developments. Gossip Cop will continue to have updates as appropriate.


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