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First Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had their request for a wreath for Remembrance Sunday denied by the palace, and now a magazine says that the two are now getting hammered over their "distasteful" photo shoot. The article makes several bold claims about the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Here's what's going on.

Prince Harry's Remembrance Day Faux Pas

The latest issue of Heat says that there's "anger over Meghan & Harry's 'distasteful' photoshoot" as "another week brings another scandal for the former royals." The magazine says that despite it being nearly a full year since the couple stepped away from the royal family, the magazine says that "they've stayed firmly in the spotlight" since they've moved to the United States.

Their efforts for Remembrance Sunday, the magazine argues, are "no exception" to the couple's tendency for the spotlight. It all started when Buckingham Palace rejected Prince Harry's request to place a wreath in his homeland on his behalf. Unable to honor veterans in his home country, the prince and his wife instead laid a wreath at the Los Angeles National Cemetery "with a showbiz photographer in tow," and although the tabloid uses the photos in question, it consistently argues that it's important for readers to know that they used a "celeb photographer" for the event.

Cover of Heat magazine.

The outlet then pulls anonymous comments from...somewhere. Those mysterious and vocal people mostly complained about how Prince Harry "could have done so without the photos, but it's all about exposure." They also take shots at the couple for apparently being hypocrites when it comes to photos, with an anonymous person supposedly saying,

For someone who can't stand cameras, he doesn't mind posing with photographers of his choice.

We feel the need to note that it seems painfully obvious that there's a difference between paparazzi fighting to photograph your newborn son against your will and hiring a photographer of their own will, but we digress. The magazine then quotes Piers Morgan, who called Prince Harry's tribute to fallen soldiers a "distasteful PR stunt," before closing off with a few supportive comments from Sussex fans and a quote about Prince Harry feeling frustrated at the unrelenting criticism.

Prince Harry Needed To Honor His Fellow Soldiers

While we can't know what's truly going on in Buckingham Palace, we can comment on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's actions, and we found no reason for outrage. Despite its weak attempts to frame all of the concern as coming from fans and critics, it's clear that the tabloid is the one trying to stir up outrage over a veteran wanting to honor his fellow soldiers. Yes, there were a few low-key photos taken by a local photographer that has unsurprisingly photographed a few celebrities, but we're still not sure why that's important — wouldn't anyone want a photographer with an impressive portfolio?

For that matter, what's the difference between the dozens of photos of the royal family wearing poppies and placing wreaths and the ones of Markle and Prince Harry doing the same? If it was truly about ensuring 100 percent of attention went towards "respecting the soldiers," wouldn't all photographs be disrespectful to the moment? What makes someone who actually served and risked life and limb unable to publicly honor the fallen?

As Prince Harry and Markle know, any silence on their part is taken as some sort of grand statement. Prince Harry didn't make a big showy declaration about his father's birthday and, because there's apparently nothing 72-year-old men love more than social media, the tabloids immediately declared that he was effectively delivering some sort of brutal diss towards Prince Charles. If he hadn't done anything for Remembrance Day, he'd be dragged as someone who doesn't respect the day.

Given that his wreath request was denied since he's no longer a senior royal, we can't imagine implying that a private citizen and veteran shouldn't be able to make a statement about his fellow soldiers like this tabloid does. Prince Harry wanted to make sure that his fallen brethren received the honor and respect that they deserved.

We're not surprised that Piers Morgan objected to the prince's wishes to honor his friends and peers that have died, nor are we shocked to see that Heat is so keen on the criticism the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have received. The tabloid may have let in a few polite comments in this latest piece about the royals, but we saw no such sympathy from it when it published an allegation about Markle and her husband raging at Prince William earlier this month. Before that, it tried to imply that Markle and Prince Harry were actually chasing fame when they invited the Clooneys to their wedding.

Before that, it tried to imply that Markle and Prince Harry were actually chasing fame when they invited the Clooneys to their wedding. Heat even used "fan comments" to justify a bogus pregnancy rumor about Markle at the start of November. The only hint of truth from Heat so far is the fact that Prince Harry did indeed publicly honor fallen veterans.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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