Prince Harry Wedding OK


A tabloid cover story announcing a "wedding of the century" for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was made up. Gossip Cop can reveal the truth about this article.

On its new cover, OK! is exclaiming, "Meghan & Prince Harry Wedding Of The Century! Palace Planner Tells All." Inside the issue, the tabloid asserts the red-headed royal is "said to have popped the question" during their recent vacation, and now the gossip magazine claims it has the "scoop" on the couple's "big day." Of course, if the outlet really had inside sources, it would know for sure whether or not he and Markle are engaged, instead of just vaguely referring to a "rumored proposal." And yet the publication contends, "The lovebirds are wasting no time prepping for what may be the most spectacular royal wedding in history!"

"A wedding planner with connections to Kensington Palace says they are already busy behind the scenes plotting what Harry wants to be the 'party of the century,'" alleges the tabloid, which claims "royal experts predict the ceremony and reception could end up costing a whopping $47 million!" The so-called "palace insider" asserts the couple will "spare no expense," and intend to have "one of the most star-studded affairs in royal history" with guests like Angelina Jolie and David Beckham. The rest of the story is filled with alleged details like Markle's interest in the floral arrangements and predilection for a Vera Wang dress. The only snag, according to the magazine, is that Queen Elizabeth supposedly didn't give Prince Harry "permission to propose," and may not attend the nuptials. "It would be quite the scandal," maintains the outlet's specious source.

But a real "palace insider" wouldn't be discussing royal wedding plans with a gossip publication, especially before an engagement is even officially announced. And no legitimate "palace planner" would "tell all" to an American tabloid. But this is not the first time the publication has tried to dupe readers. Back in May, OK! ran a fabricated cover story about the palace supposedly "confirming" a royal wedding for Markle and Prince Harry. Notably, in that version, the wedding was expected to be a $20 million affair while now the amount is upped to $47 million. Also in the previous story, the couple had Queen Elizabeth's approval, as to opposed her supposedly objecting now. Lastly, it was said back then that it would be a "summer ceremony." Well, summer has now practically come and gone.

Gossip Cop suspects the tabloid is hoping readers forgot about its prior made-up wedding cover story and will now fall for this new made-up wedding cover story. But while Prince Harry and Markle will likely tie the knot one day, we are strongly assured no one is sharing such details with this magazine. A royal family insider tells Gossip Cop the magazine's claims most assuredly did not come from the palace, nor did the publication fact-check its erroneous assertions.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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