WATCH: Woman Tries To Kiss Prince Harry After Proposing To Him For The Third Time

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Prince Harry Victoria McRae kiss

By Minyvonne Burke |

Prince Harry Victoria McRae kiss

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Prince Harry’s trip to Australia ended with him getting a marriage proposal and almost making out with a female admirer. The British royal stopped by the Sydney Opera House on Tuesday to greet a swarm of fans when a woman named Victoria McRae asked Prince Harry to marry her, and then tried to plant a kiss on his lips. See the video below.

“I’ve been trying to ask you, will you marry me? This is the third time. This is the third time I’ve proposed,” says McRae, holding a sign that reads “Marry me Prince Harry, last chance.” Prince Harry happily plays along with McRae, saying, “Last chance?” but jokingly says he needs time to think about the proposal. McRae agrees and then asks Prince Harry for a kiss on the cheek, but when he leans in towards her she goes for his mouth. The royal quickly pulls back, narrowly missing locking lips with McRae, and then continues greeting other fans.

Afterward, McRae told reporters it was her third time trying to get Prince Harry to accept her marriage proposal. She also popped the question to him back in 2013 when he was in Sydney for International Fleet Review. During that proposal, McRae had boarded a kayak in the Sydney Harbor with her father and held up a sign with her phone number on it that read, “I [love] Harry.” Check out the video below of McRae’s latest proposal to Prince Harry, and tell us what you think of their near-kiss.


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