Prince Harry NOT “Surprised” By Meghan Markle’s “Romantic” Remarks In ‘Vanity Fair,’ Despite Report

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Prince Harry Reaction Meghan Markle Vanity Fair

By Michael Lewittes |

Prince Harry Reaction Meghan Markle Vanity Fair

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Prince Harry was not “surprised” By Meghan Markle’s “romantic declaration of love” in Vanity Fair, despite a wholly made-up report. Gossip Cop can correct this fabricated claim. We’re told Prince Harry and Kensington Palace knew well in advance what Markle said.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Markle is on the cover of October’s Vanity Fair, and in her interview with the magazine, the “Suits” actress said she and her “boyfriend” Prince Harry are “in love” and “this is our time.” “We’re happy,” continued Markle, adding that what they have is “special.” She further called their relationship “a great love story.”

Enter HollywoodLife, which takes real-life occurrences and statements and turns it into fake news. In this instance, the repeatedly discredited website seemingly pretends to have a royal insider feeding it information about how Prince Harry reacted to Markle’s remarks. The outlet alleges a “source close to the royal family” tells it that “the loving, public declaration caught Harry off guard, as Meghan kept most of the interview a secret.” The so-called “source” contends Markle “wanted her words to be a nice, romantic surprise for her man and it worked.”

Gossip Cop assumes the outlet has once again relied on its royal insider, Lord Bull. In fact, the site so often manufactures stories that it’s called HollywoodLies. And it’s lived up to its nickname once again with this completely untrue article. Marble’s comments in Vanity Fair did not catch the red-headed royal “off-guard” nor were they a “romantic surprise for her man.” We’re told Prince Harry and Kensington Palace knew about every single word uttered by the actress in the magazine before it hit newsstands.

In the past, HollywoodLies has claimed to have royal sources, and it’s yielded such stories as a 2015 article that had the headline, “Prince Harry Baby Bombshell: One-Night Stand Pregnant With Royal’s Child.” In that absurdly false report, which Gossip Cop corrected, the outlet asserted that Prince Harry partied a “little too hard,” and was “going to have a child out of wedlock.” Obviously, time proved the site to be misinformed.

In 2016, the webloid ran a piece that wrongly claimed Prince Harry had a “romance blooming” with Paralympic swimmer Elizabeth Marks, a U.S. Army Sergeant who won a gold medal at the royal’s Invictus Games. That was also a lie. And earlier in 2017, HollywoodLife posted a fake news story about Prince Harry and Markle expecting a “royal baby.” Much like how Prince Harry was not “surprised” by Markle’s comments in Vanity Fair, sadly Gossip Cop is not surprised either that HollywoodLies made up its latest article.

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