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Kensington Palace did not "confirm" a "royal wedding" for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will take place this summer, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop has exclusively learned that all talk of an engagement, and it being approved by the Queen was all made up.

The new cover of OK! falsely announces a "spectacular $20 million celebration" is in the works with Queen Elizabeth's approval. But it was apparent to Gossip Cop right away that this cover story was fake news. In addition to the tabloid previously proving it does not have reliable royal sources, the front of the issue features a decal-like blurb blaring "Palace Confirms!" It's almost identical to the faux sticker that has been on prior untrue covers, like the edition last December that wrongly declared the palace confirmed Kate Middleton was pregnant. It was also previously used on a January cover that falsely asserted the palace confirmed Prince Harry was engaged to Markle.

Both of those cover stories were 100 percent fake news, and the palace hadn't actually confirmed anything. Now the gossip magazine is trying to deceive readers again. And despite claiming (albeit wrongly) earlier this year that Harry and Markle were engaged, this new article claims he only just proposed last month. A so-called "insider" alleges to the outlet in very unnatural language that the royal heir was "nervous as all get-out" to ask his grandmother for permission to pop the question, and then "shocked" to actually get the Queen's blessing. Naturally, the publication's supposed snitch says Markle was "ecstatic" when Harry later "asked for her hand in marriage."

"Ever since, they've been talking nonstop about wedding plans," maintains the tabloid's purported tipster, while another "source" asserts "the palace is abuzz with news that Harry and Meghan will be the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!" Of course, there hasn't been any real news from Kensington Palace about an engagement. There's only this fake news from OK!, which contends the couple is "eyeing an early September wedding."

Unsurprisingly, though, the magazine also warns that "they may push it back" so Harry can instead focus on the Invictus Games. That's the outlet's built-in cover-up for when a wedding doesn't actually take place this summer or fall. The publication has the excuse that it was simply pushed back. The truth, though, is that there's no "royal wedding" in the works.

Kensington Palace exclusively tells Gossip Cop they most assuredly did not confirm the OK! cover story. Additional royal insiders we spoke with also laughed off the article as untrue. Furthermore, as Gossip Cop has previously pointed out, Markle is committed to living in Toronto through the end of the year. If she was actually planning to wed Prince Harry and start a life with him this summer or fall, that would not be the case. Lastly, it is possible the couple will eventually tie the knot. But, as Gossip Cop has said in other similar cases, it definitely won't be this tabloid that breaks the news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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