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Prince Harry is not the real father of Meghan Markle's baby Archie, reports one of this week's celebrity magazines. Gossip Cop can debunk this untrue claim. In reality, the only thing that's illegitimate is a new tabloid story that exclaims on its cover, "Harry's NOT The Daddy."

According to the Globe, "In the days leading up to Prince Harry's wife, Meghan, giving birth, the couple was stunned to learn a DNA test using amniotic fluid, routinely performed on royal babies, revealed the redhead is NOT the child's daddy." The article further contends Prince Harry "refuses to accept [a] royal DNA test proving he's not the father of [his] American wife's baby." To make its phony premise seem believable, the habitually disproven supermarket tabloid quotes a so-called "high-level palace source" as saying, "Harry was devastated... All the joy he felt for the infant evaporated in an instant."

The supposed tipster continues, "He turned ghastly white and Meghan burst into tears as she stammered, 'This is impossible. It can't be true.'" Actually, those last two phrases can more easily be said about the magazine's report. The same purported "source" maintains that Prince Harry "turned on the royal official who brought the DNA and yelled, 'This is a sick scam,'" before asking how Markle's "enemies" within the palace could "concoct this conspiracy against an innocent child — our child?" A better question is how the publication thought it could get away with its concocted tale about Archie's paternity.

To cover its tracks, the often debunked publication adds how Prince Harry had a second DNA test taken, which showed "he is the infant's biological father." However, the almost assuredly made-up "palace source" says he's been met by a "wall of skepticism from his family. No one seems to believe him."

Better yet, who believes the tabloid's tale? Interestingly, nowhere in the article is it explained why Prince Harry even needed to take a DNA test, especially since there have never been any whispers about the Duchess of Sussex being unfaithful. Towards the end of the report, the tipster reiterates how Prince Harry knows "Meghan's baby is his," even if his relatives "aren't convinced." Still, the "palace source" alleges in unnatural language that the spare heir "doesn't want his child, while seventh in line for the throne, to be tortured by, 'who's the daddy?' questions like he's faced all his life since he looks nothing like Charles."

Allow Gossip Cop to bluntly begin by saying the Globe has become known for manufacturing a lot of fictitious royals stories, many of which are about the new dad. Glaringly, the outlet makes no mention whatsoever about the prince's alleged other kid. Back in March 2018, the publication wrongly insisted Prince Harry had a "love child" who was going to derail his wedding. Of course, the couple wed a year ago, and Archie is his first (and only) child to date.

It's also surprising that the magazine refers to the other royals as his "relatives" and "family," because three months ago it published yet another bogus article in which it was claimed Prince Charles disowned Prince Harry after a "DNA shocker" of his own revealed the redheaded royal was not his biological son either. In that absurd story it stated, "Red-haired former royal bodyguard Mark Dyer is the real father."

As we pointed out back then, while he bears a strong resemblance to his father as a young man, Prince Harry is a virtual clone of his grandfather, Prince Philip, from his military days. Additionally, Kensington Palace told Gossip Cop the narrative about him not being the Prince of Wales' child was patently false. Apparently, reports about the paternity of royal children are a big seller for the tabloid.

Curiously, it's never explained in this new cover story why Prince Charles' second son is even around. Six weeks ago, the very same outlet swore up and down in another front page article that Queen Elizabeth booted Prince Harry and Markle from the royal family. Much the like aforementioned tales, as noted above, the only thing that's not legitimate is the magazine's assertion that Prince Harry is not the real father of Markle's baby.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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