Prince Harry “Pressured” To Ask Meghan Markle To “Quit Acting” Is Made-Up Story

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Prince Harry Meghan Markle Quit Acting

By Shari Weiss |

Prince Harry Meghan Markle Quit Acting

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A story claiming Prince Harry is being “pressured” to ask Meghan Markle to “quit acting” was made up. Gossip Cop can expose this latest fabrication.

“Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: Why He’s Feeling Pressured To Ask Her To Quit Acting,” HollywoodLife is announcing. The webloid wants readers to believe that it scored an “exclusive” about the couple, yet wrongly says (twice!) that Markle stars on a show called “Skins.” The actual title of her USA series is “Suits.” The site can’t even get that detail correct, but has a “palace insider” dishing on the future of Prince Harry’s relationship and Markle’s career? Please.

In another sign that the outlet simply doesn’t know what it’s talking about, it expresses confusion on whether or not Prince Harry and Markle are engaged, after previously flip-flopping on the topic just days ago. If the online publication really had a “palace insider,” wouldn’t it know for sure one way or the other? Instead, HollywoodLies refers to the actress as the royal’s “alleged fiancée” while simultaneously maintaining “there’s still no way of knowing for sure.”

As for this suspect tale’s specific claims, the aforementioned “palace insider” is quoted as saying, “Harry and Meghan still have a lot of details to work out before they announce anything and one of the big sticking points is her career. Harry has no problem with her keeping up acting but he’s getting a lot of pressure from his family and advisers to ask her to quit… They think it would be best for everyone if Meghan retired when she and Harry get married.”

“The problem is Meghan really doesn’t want to quit acting,” the supposed source further asserts to the webloid, contending that “Harry is proud of her and has no problem with her keeping her career going but he’s also got to think of his family, generally what they say goes, end of story. He’s really struggling right now on how to handle this.” This alleged royal tipster goes on to opine that Markle should “make it easy on him and realize that she can’t have it all,” and give up her career “if Harry and being a part of the royal family is what she wants.”

But while these claims sound plausible, there’s a few ways to tell the quotes are actually manufactured. For starters, a “palace insider” would not refer to Prince Harry as simply “Harry.” Even when speaking anonymously, an actual palace staffer would show him the reverence he warrants. Furthermore, a real palace employee would not speak badly about Markle and publicly say what she do with her career. That would be inappropriate and disrespectful. Lastly, an “insider” who is legitimately connected to the palace and the royal family would not speak about such matters at all with a repeatedly discredited U.S. blog.

Gossip Cop already pointed this out when the site claimed it knew Prince Harry and Markle’s “baby plans” thanks to a “Buckingham Palace insider.” As we previously noted, HollywoodLies has simply chosen the couple as one of the topics it wants to exploit this week, and has manufactured multiple stories related to their relationship. And this new piece about Markle’s career was made up, just like the ones that came before it.

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