Prince Harry NOT Having Baby With Teen, Despite Report

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By Michael Lewittes |

(Life And Style)

(Life And Style)

Prince Harry did not get a 19-year-old pregnant nor has he announced, “I’m going to be a dad,” despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this story, which was published in one of this week’s tabloids. A Kensington Palace insider tells us the baby claim is 100 percent “not true.”

According to Life & Style, “Harry’s hard partying has finally caught up to him. A 19-year-old blonde claims she’s pregnant with his child.” The magazine then alleges that Queen Elizabeth is “furious.” A so-called “insider” explains to the magazine, “Harry getting a one-night stand pregnant has been one of Queen Elizabeth II’s worst fears.”

While Queen Elizabeth loves her great-grandchildren George and Charlotte, “an illegitimate child won’t get the same reception,” writes the tabloid, which goes on to quote it’s questionable “insider” as saying, “The Queen adores Harry, but she would do everything in her power to keep the child a secret.” [Note: In the article, the magazine’s royals expert wrongly referred to George and Charlotte as her grandchildren.]

Life & Style further claims Her Majesty would not allow a “shotgun wedding,” but Prince Harry won’t listen. “He’s a decent man, and would want to marry the girl and try to make it work. It’s the right thing to do,” says the tabloid’s supposed source, before adding, “Harry could be forced to give up his title as prince.”

While the magazine should have given up on this entirely fabricated report, which doesn’t even have the name of the allegedly impregnated woman, it instead bizarrely throws in that a hypnotist named Keith Barry had a premonition that Harry “will create a scandal by getting a girl pregnant.” Well then, really, do we need more proof?

Even though Prince Harry has previously said he loves kids and would love to have some one day, an actual Kensington Palace insider exclusively assures Gossip Cop that he has not impregnated a teen nor is Prince Harry having a baby anytime soon. Once again, the only fertile thing here are the imaginations of the creative writers at Life & Style.


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