Prince Harry Leaving Royal Family


Prince Harry is not "leaving the royal family," despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can debunk this inaccurate report, as well as reveal what sparked it.

The new cover of OK! falsely announces, "Harry Leaving The Royal Family For Love!" The front of the issue further declares he's "giving up [his] title and $150 million fortune," all to be to be with Meghan Markle. Inside the edition, a teaser asserts, "As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle prepare to make things official, the royal may be forced to relinquish his crown for the woman of his dreams."

"After much deliberation, the queen has rejected his bid to marry the 35-year-old actress because she is American and divorced, forcing Harry to rethink his entire future," contends the tabloid. A so-called "pal" is quoted as saying, "It's awful. Harry is now faced with the choice between his country and the woman he loves, and, right now, England is on the losing side."

The gossip magazine points to a recent interview in which Prince Harry said no one in his family truly wants to be king or queen, and maintains, "Now faced with the decision of choosing between his duties and the woman of his dreams, the royal, who's admitted he often longs to be 'something other than Prince Harry,' may bid the monarchy farewell." The supposed friend alleges to the outlet, "He's on the precipice."

This cover story, however, completely contradicts one from May, in which the publication announced the palace had "confirmed" a "royal wedding" for Harry and Markle was in the works. In that tale, it was claimed he was "shocked" when the queen gave her blessing. Unsurprisingly, this latest article makes no mention of those previous claims, which are the exact opposite of what's being alleged here.

So, was OK! lying two months ago, or is the tabloid lying now? The answer is the magazine flat-out lied both times, completely fabricating each cover story. As Gossip Cop correctly reported in May, the palace never confirmed any wedding for Prince Harry. And now we've learned that he is absolutely not seriously considering abandoning his family. The youngest son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana has successfully used royal life to further his charity endeavors, and he has no intention of giving that up.

"Pure rubbish," one of Gossip Cop's own Kensington Palace contacts says, dismissing the publication's allegations. The outlet merely crafted a false narrative based on Prince Harry's aforementioned interview, in which he spoke about some of the challenges of being a royal. All these purported related details are manufactured, however, just as they made up in the prior cover story about a "royal wedding." As Gossip Cop has said for years, OK! is not an okay resource for readers looking for real royal news. Check out the contradictory covers below.

Prince Harry Royal Wedding


Prince Harry Leaving Royal Family


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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