Prince Harry Moving To Canada? Life & Style Flip-Flops On Royal, Meghan Markle

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Life and Style Prince Harry Moving Canada

By Shari Weiss |

Life and Style Prince Harry Moving Canada

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Life & Style says Prince Harry is moving to Canada. Life & Style says Prince Harry is not moving to Canada. If you read Life & Style, you might be very confused. Allow Gossip Cop to reveal what’s going on.

Last week, the tabloid ran a story about the royal and his girlfriend Meghan Markle, specifically claiming, “Harry wants to leave the palace for Canada to be with his love.” A so-called “insider” was quoted as saying, “He plans to move to Toronto, where she lives and where ‘Suits’ films. He thinks they won’t be under such scrutiny there and can live regular day-to-day lives out of the spotlight.”

But the new edition of the magazine is telling a different tale. After repeating the false claim that the couple has been “secretly engaged for weeks,” its alleged Prince Harry and Markle “are taking the next step in their romance and starting a family.” The article says, “The plan is to raise the little ones in England.”

Uh, what happened to Prince Harry moving to Canada? Well, now it’s said that although “Harry’s told Meghan he’d have no problem moving to Toronto,” “moving to Canada would be a shocking break with royal tradition.” Apparently that wasn’t such a problem last week.

But that’s not the only contradiction at hand. While a “source” quoted in the new article says Prince Harry and Markle “want to start trying after the first of the year” to have a baby, that same “source” goes on to say they have to tie the knot before having kids. “Harry knows everyone would go ballistic if Meghan got pregnant before they married,” says the supposed snitch. “On the other hand, with Harry, you never know!”

Actually, it’s more like Life & Style doesn’t know what’s going on. That’s why the magazine has published two stories that conflict with each other. It’s also why the second one first says Prince Harry is starting a family, but then says he can’t have a kid until he weds. But you never know!

And yet, suspiciously, no information is given about Prince Harry getting married. Maybe that’s being saved for next week. Gossip Cop suspects, however, that any such information from the tabloid will be just as wrong as all the rest.

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