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Did Prince Harry disappear for 72 hours to party with his celebrity friends, leaving his wife, Meghan Markle, alone with their infant son? The cover from a tabloid this week would have its readers believe that to be true. Gossip Cop took a deeper look at the article in question and found several inconsistencies.

The cover of this week’s New Idea reads “Harry Missing For 72 Hours” with the subheadings, “Meghan Forces Prince To Flee” and “Out Of Control” paired with old photos of the prince drinking. All these elements together are clearly an effort to make the reader believe that Prince Harry actually took off for three days to party without his wife and son, but the article inside the publication backs off these claims immediately. Instead, so-called “sources” claim the Duke of Sussex is supposedly attending “top-secret celebrity parties” and merely has the possibility to disappear for as many as three days.

Right away, this tabloid loses all credibility, if it’d had any to begin with, by switching up the narrative. The outlet presses forward, however, with a source insisting, “Harry is the life of the party; everyone looks forward to him turning up.” The source then delves into pure speculation and says, “He’s great for a laugh and you get the impression that he could party for three days straight if he wanted to — and perhaps he even does. There tends to be no cellphone reception at parties in the hills so it’s easy to just switch off and enjoy yourself. I wonder what his wife thinks?” No need to wonder for long.

Another source who somehow knew Prince Harry was attending these “top-secret” parties also knew Meghan Markle’s reaction to her husband’s attendance. “She thought she’d managed to put a lid on this ‘Party Prince’ reputation of his, and for a while there, he behaved himself,” the tipster reveals, adding, “But it was only a matter of time before Harry got bored pacing around a mansion he’s borrowed, with Meghan bossing him around.” It’s safe to say this story gets more wrong than it does right, which is fairly common for this particular tabloid.

After all, New Idea was the outlet that claimed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were planning to renew their vows in America. That vow renewal still hasn’t taken place, proving our judgment right. In this case, the overall premise is totally tainted by the cheap trick the tabloid pulled with its cover. Prince Harry never disappeared on a three-day drinking binge, the outlet merely claims that it’s a possibility. There’s also a possibility that Prince Harry isn’t attending these supposed secret parties since the only word the reader has to go on is the word of an unnamed, unverified “insider.”

This is far from the first time this tabloid has presented a false rumor about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as truth. New Idea claimed just last month that Prince Harry left his wife behind in America to sneak back to the UK. That was blatantly false. Last year, the untrustworthy gossip rag insisted that Meghan Markle had taken the couple’s infant son, Archie, and disappeared for four days. That was also demonstrably false.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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