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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have spent a lot of time in Canada as they work through their new, reduced roles in the royal family. A tabloid is reporting that Prince Harry suffered a secret mental breakdown during their stay. The insulting and mean-spirited article is false, Gossip Cop can confirm.

With the headline "Harry's Tragic Fight For Sanity," the Globe has published a nasty article exploiting Prince Harry's past admission of mental health struggles, as well as insulting his wife and their relationship. The first sentence of the story calls Markle a "diva wife" and claims Prince Harry "suffered a shocking mental breakdown." The article might just be a new low in the tabloid media's unrelenting, intrusive and scurrilous attacks on the couple.

The rude article quotes a supposed "well-placed palace source" who claims, "Behind closed doors, the Duke of Sussex was being ripped apart watching his strong-willed American wife drowning in the royal fishbowl. He feared she'd leave him - and take [their baby] Archie with her!" This dubious "insider" goes on to say, "It all got too much and he suffered a terrible nervous breakdown." According to the phony report, this resulted in Prince Harry spending weeks in therapy at the home where the couple is living while in British Columbia.

The so-called insider further alleges that Markle was making huge demands of her husband, adding, "Meghan demanded Harry pull the trigger on their secret plan to quit the royals! She made it clear she's calling the shots." Of course, the ridiculous report goes on to make sure to include Prince Andrew, another royal under tremendous media scrutiny at the moment. That was just another ploy to grab readers' attention with the untrue story.

The truth is Prince Harry and Markle have been under tremendous pressure and most of that pressure comes from the relentless tabloid media and their harsh treatment of the duchess. It's gotten so bad, of course, that Prince Harry and Markle have filed a lawsuit against two British tabloids. The white-hot glare on the couple is no doubt a major reason in their decision to step back from royal duties, but it clearly wasn't just Markle's idea.

In a speech this week at a charity event and posted on the couple's official Instagram page, Prince Harry discussed how hard the decision was, but makes it clear when he says, "The decision I've made for me and my wife to step back was not made lightly." The situation is obviously stressful and has weighed heavily on the both the duke and the duchess, but Prince Harry did not have a meltdown in Canada.

Prince Harry has long struggled with the tabloid media's focus on his family, going back to the death of his mother, Princess Diana, who was killed in a car crash while being chased by paparazzi on the streets of Paris. This is nothing new to Prince Harry, and he and Markle have decided to the only way to escape the hounding is to step back from official duties. The fact that a tabloid would exploit Prince Harry's mental health is, frankly, disgusting.

The Globe's sketchy reporting on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has gone from ridiculous to mean. In an absurd report in October, the tabloid claimed Markle was threatening to leave Prince Harry because he's going bald. It was silly and incorrect reporting, but it was nothing like the nasty nature of this latest article. Like this new story, however, it did paint Markle in an unfair and shallow light. It's yet another example of how terrible the tabloids have been to the duke and duchess.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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