Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Secretly Split 83 Days Ago?

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The cover of New Idea magazine

By Hugh Scott |

The cover of New Idea magazine

(New Idea)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not split 83 days ago. A tabloid purporting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex separated is wrong. Gossip Cop can debunk the article.

The headline on the latest edition of New Idea reads “Meghan & Harry Secretly Split 83 Days Ago!” Inside, the phony report contends that the couple spent very little time together on their six-week break from royal duties, much of which they spent in the United States and Canada. The story alleges everything from the stress of being new parents to Prince Andrew’s scandal has left the couple reeling and struggling in their relationship.

In a typical bait-and-switch, the article immediately backs off the headline that the Duke and Duchess “split.” The outlet says that the two are putting on “a united front” but are “struggling privately with the pressures that come with being a world famous couple.” The tabloid bases this on the word of a so-called “well-placed insider” that goes unidentified. “Poor Harry is doing everything he can to save his marriage,” they say, “they have struggled to cope at times and it’s put pressure on their marriage.”

The couple’s six-week break has been a lightning rod for the tabloids. Every week, it seems there are more stories about their relationship being on the ropes, with claims about Markle and Prince Harry’s desire to quit the royal family. For New Idea, the timing of this bogus article couldn’t have been worse, as Markle and Prince Harry announced today that they would be resuming their royal duties with a visit to the Canada House in London later in the week. The false report also comes on the heels of a touching photo taken by Markle of the prince holding their son on New Year’s Day. They are every bit the happy family, despite their struggles with the tabloid press.

New Idea has no insight into the couple, as Gossip Cop has shown in the past. In October, the tabloid claimed Prince William and Kate Middleton were distancing themselves from Markle and Prince Harry. The story was invented after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially formed their own charity, splitting from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It was something that was planned all along. It did not signal that the Middleton and Prince William were distancing themselves. As Gossip Cop explained, it was a natural evolution.

In September, New Idea joined a chorus of tabloids purporting the couple were planning to leave the UK and move to California. The article alleged that Markle and Prince Harry were buying a $14 million home in Malibu. The article was filled with bogus details like the home’s amenities and the celebrity neighbors the couple would have. All that was missing was the truth. Gossip Cop busted the story at the time, and despite the break and some time in California with Markle’s mother for Christmas, the couple is not planning to relocate permanently. It was just another false claim by the tabloid.


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