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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not expecting a second baby, nor is this imaginary child due on their son Archie's first birthday next year. It's just a bogus rumor from a tabloid. Gossip Cop can correct the story.

Woman's Day alleges the Duchess of Sussex is pregnant with her second baby, along with the headline, "Harry Confirms Baby #2!" on its cover. The only proof in the article itself, however, is Markle's appearance at the WellChild Awards earlier this month and "rumors from within Buckingham Palace." The main factor in the outlet's prediction is apparently just body language.

"Meghan could not stop touching her stomach," an "onlooker" tells the magazine. "She must be three months along — meaning she'd be due right around Archie's birthday in May." The tabloid also points to Prince Harry's emotional speech about his wife and son as another possible indicator of the next royal baby.

Of course, the publication doesn't bother to address how in the world a man's love for his wife and son "confirms baby #2." Gossip Cop already busted the magazine's other ridiculous cover story about Queen Elizabeth giving the throne to Kate Middleton, so we're pretty skeptical of anything the outlet has to say about the royals in general. Considering the fact that the Middleton story was totally wrong, we're even more doubtful if the tabloid used the same "Buckingham Palace source" for both stories.

Gossip Cop is also extremely doubtful that a random onlooker was capable of not only judging whether or not a woman is pregnant based on how she touches her stomach, but also determining just how far along she is. The magazine's track record with the truth about the royal family is absolutely atrocious, especially when it comes to its coverage of Markle.

The magazine lashed out at the Duchess before she had even married into the royal family when it claimed in Apri 2018 that Markle would be a "runaway bride." It changed its tone later that year when it made up an imaginary "vow renewal" ceremony for Markle and Prince Harry that, although somewhat more respectful of the couple, was still a total work of fiction that relied on demonstrably wrong "eyewitnesses" and "insiders."

In June 2018, Woman's Day claimed Markle was pregnant with twins based on another outlet's interview with Markle's father and sources from the "US media." Even when the publication identifies its source, as with the case of Markle's dad, it still fails to report the truth. In that instance, the outlet took out-of-context comments about Markle most likely wanting kids and used them as justification for their rumors. Almost exactly a year ago, after the Duke and Duchess confirmed their first pregnancy, the outlet again falsely reported that Markle was actually pregnant with twins.

Once again, the tabloid strikes out. The lack of details and reliance on overly vague information are red flags on their own, but the magazine's history of falsehoods make it impossible to believe this story contains any hint of truth. For any real announcement about a new royal baby, you'd be better off sticking to the Duke and Duchess's personal website. That site, by the way, currently features a statement from the couple detailing their frustrations with the gossip media and their intent to sue a different tabloid for unethical reporting.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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