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Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the rocks just one month after the royal wedding? That's the latest claim from the same tabloid that falsely alleged earlier this month that the Duchess is pregnant with twins. Gossip Cop looked into this new allegation.

"The Honeymoon's Over! Harry Storms Out On Meghan," exclaims a headline in the National Enquirer. According to this purported "world exclusive," the newlyweds' marriage has already "hit the rocks following a blistering fight." A so-called "royal insider" is quoted as saying, "Harry and Meghan hadn't even had time to unpack from their honeymoon when tempers flared."

The blame is put on Markle allegedly wanting to shirk her royal responsibilities because she's pregnant. The supermarket tabloid points out that the couple has their first royal tour scheduled for this fall, but claims her "excitement turned to horror when she learned they could be at risk for contracting" the Zika virus, which is especially dangerous for pregnant women, while overseas. In highly suspicious language, the alleged source contends, "I'm told Meghan turned to Harry and announced, 'Of course, if the threat of Zika is still there in October, we will cancel the trip.'"

"I'm hearing Harry blew up at her," continues the purported snitch, "[and] yelled, 'No, we will NOT cancel! You're a member of the royal family now — if we commit to something, we do it!'" The phrases "I'm told" and "I'm hearing," however, are telltales signs that these claims are illegitimate. If either the magazine or its supposed "insider" were actually in the know, they'd have first-hand knowledge or direct confirmation of what did or didn't transpire.

Still, the "source" maintains "things escalated to the point where Meghan was in tears and Harry walked out." The outlet alleges the Duke "stormed out" of Kensington Palace and "dramatically ripped off his ring, shouting, 'I don't why I married you.'" As proof to support this narrative, the article is illustrated with a photo of Prince Harry wearing his wedding band on May 22 and a photo of him without it on June 7. Asks the tabloid, "What are you trying to hide, Harry?"

Actually, it's the magazine doing the hiding, as the National Enquirer conveniently fails to mention that the photos of Prince Harry without his ring were taken as he went for a workout. It's fairly common for people to leave their jewelry at home when going to the gym, and his ring was back on when Prince Harry and Markle went to the Royal Ascot on Tuesday, where they showed quite a bit of PDA. The outing also happened to mark their one-month anniversary.

To recap, the tabloid insists Markle is expecting and that she fought with Prince Harry over their upcoming travel plans, but neither claim can be substantiated. The magazine tries to make hay out of the Duke not wearing his wedding ring as he went to the gym, even though he's been photographed wearing it since then. And all the outlet really has to offer is suspicious quotes from an untraceable "palace insider." For all of these reasons, it's apparent this article is not credible and shouldn't be trusted.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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