Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Asked George Clooney And Amal To Be Godparents Of Adopted African Baby?

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Prince Harry Meghan Markle Clooneys Godparents

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Prince Harry Meghan Markle Clooneys Godparents

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Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle really ask George and Amal Clooney to be the godparents of their adopted African baby? Gossip Cop can bust this phony report. It’s based on an entirely false premise.

Last month, the Globe peddled a made-up cover story that claimed Markle and Prince Harry were adopting an African baby girl. The tabloid even tried to sell its narrative by photoshopping a picture of Prince Harry, deceptively making it appear like he was photographed holding his supposed child. In actuality, as Gossip Cop explained, the magazine digitally edited two separate pictures to combine a recent headshot of the royal heir with an old photo of Prince Harry holding an infant in Barbados back in 2010. The outlet had no real proof that he and Markle are currently adopting, and that’s because they aren’t.

But now the publication is trying to extend its bogus storyline via a new article headlined, “George & Amal Named Royal Godparents!” The article contends the Clooneys “didn’t hesitate to say yes when Prince Harry and his actress wife Meghan asked them to be godparents to their newly adopted African baby girl.” The tabloid asserts “asking the Clooneys to be godparents” was a “no-brainer,” given how close the couple seemingly is to the newlyweds. And, adds the magazine, “Since the Clooneys are also dealing with infants, they’re full of parenting tips for Meghan and Harry.”

Here’s what’s really going on: Because Prince Harry and Markle recently spent a weekend with George and Amal at their Lake Como estate, the outlet is using that as the impetus for now claiming the royal couple asked the Clooneys to be the godparents of their supposed child. It’s even alleged that during the visit, Prince Harry and Markle “fawned” over George and Amal’s twins, “sparking their desire to have a child as soon as possible.” Of course, nothing was said in the publication’s prior story about the supposed adoption being inspired by the Clooneys.

What’s most galling is that this issue features the very same photoshopped image that was used in that previous article, alongside which a caption states, “Meghan and Harry are in the process of making this baby their own.” No, they aren’t. That baby was a child being cared for in a Barbadian hospital nearly a decade ago. Prince Harry held the infant on a single occasion, and the child, who is now probably around eight years old, has nothing to do with him and Markle now in 2018. In fact, Prince Harry even met the tot’s father during the encounter, as this contemporaneous Express article details.

It is readily apparent that the Globe is outright lying. And while it’s practically a given that Prince Harry and Markle will one day welcome a baby for real, it may not be best to place bets on the Clooneys being named godparents. Per tradition, the royals typically choose not famous pals, but relatives, longtime friends and members of their inner circle, including loyal aides, for such honors. But regardless of what Markle and Prince Harry one day decide, the Clooneys most certainly are not going to be godparents to an adopted baby who doesn’t exist.


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