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Do Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want to adopt "multiracial children" like Angelina Jolie? One tabloid is claiming to know the answer. But Gossip Cop can bust the story. As opposed to being a real scoop, this is really just a made-up guess.

The latest issue of the National Enquirer announces a "royal adoption bombshell." In what the gossip magazine deems to be "mind-blowing, totally groundbreaking news," it is alleged "the beloved perfect pair want to adopt babies, just like Angelina Jolie." The outlet specifically claims "royal sources spilled" that the soon-to-be spouses "have their huge hearts set on starting a big happy family as soon as possible, combining both biological and adopted kids."

One so-called "palace prattler" is quoted as saying, "Harry and Meg definitely have babies on the brain... They're praying for a honeymoon conception." On top of that, though, the publication's suppose source maintains the couple is "also eager to adopt." Contend the alleged tipster, "Like Angelina, they want a large brood of biological and adopted multiracial children."

"Meghan's always admired Angie's choice to also adopt and so does Harry," continues the purported "prattler," who adds, "He's beyond thrilled and so excited!" Gossip Cop has no doubt Prince Harry is looking forward to becoming a father. He's said as much in several interviews. But there's reason to doubt these quotes are legitimate.

For starters, this questionable insider can't decide if Markle is "Meg" or "Meghan" and whether Jolie is "Angelina" or "Angie." Real people don't switch back and forth in conversation like that. Secondly, someone genuinely connected to Kensington Palace would not refer to Markle as "Meg," and certainly wouldn't be talking about when and where she desires "conception." It is simply uncouth.

By the same token, no one from the palace would be authorized to publicly discuss whether or not the couple plans to adopt, especially before they are officially married. Where, then, did this narrative come from? Well, a foreign tabloid floated a similar story, complete with the Jolie comparison, last month. Additionally, it is common knowledge that Prince Harry has a passion for aiding underprivileged children from poor communities. A documentary released last year even showcased Prince Harry reuniting with an African orphan he first met more than a decade prior.

He and Markle also have a sentimental attachment to Africa, having taken trips there together, and Prince Harry sourced the main stone for her engagement ring from Botswana. And though it is not common for members of the royal family to adopt, it is plausible to suggest Prince Harry and his bride might be interested in exploring such an option one day. Markle even alluded to a future royal baby during an appearance on Friday. What is not plausible, however, is real "royal sources" talking to the National Enquirer about any such adoption plans.

This is, after all, the same magazine that just last month peddled a fabricated cover story about Markle having a "hook-up" with Matt Lauer, a revelation that had supposedly "plunged" her wedding plans with Prince Harry into "chaos." Curiously, this new piece about the couple starting a family together makes no mention of their marriage being in jeopardy, as claimed almost exactly four weeks ago. That notable inconsistency, not to mention the outrageous "hook-up" lie, is yet another reason why readers should doubt the outlet's reliability when it comes to reporting on Markle. And for all the reasons outlined above, this seemingly made-up and inauthentic tale gets a zero on our rumor meter.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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