Prince Harry “Love Child” Wrecking Wedding To Meghan Markle?

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Prince Harry Love Child

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Prince Harry Love Child


Is a “love child” wrecking Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle? That’s the wildly untrue claim circulating in the tabloids and online. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to Globe, which is the sister outlet of the National Enquirer, a woman is claiming Prince Harry is the father of her 3-year-old son, the result of an alleged one-night-stand. This purported “royal scandal” supposedly erupted after an envelope was sent to Kensington Palace with “a handwritten note and a photo, along with a letter from an attorney representing the sender.” Though the gossip magazine does not identify the woman, a seemingly invented source maintains the picture indicates the child has “ginger-blonde hair and looks remarkably like Harry.”

Prince Harry is described as “rocked,” while Markle is said to be “jolted.” Contends another almost assuredly fictional insider, “The palace is reeling and Harry can’t believe this is happening.” So, why isn’t this major news dominating the media in London? Conveniently, one of the fake sources gives the explanation that “everyone’s focused with keeping this under wraps and ensuring the royal wedding isn’t disrupted.”

Of course, even now that the report has come out, not one credible outlet has corroborated the claims. And far from the couple’s upcoming wedding being wrecked, Queen Elizabeth just gave official consent for Prince Harry and Markle to marry. It’s also worth noting that the publication is trying to dupe readers with a photo of Markle looking upset on its cover (see above). That picture is not from real life, but is actually a still from the “Suits” star’s acting career.

Unsurprisingly, one fellow tabloid that has fallen for this nonsense is New Idea, which is regurgitating these baseless “love child” claims on its website. The magazine didn’t bother trying to fact-check the suspicious allegations, instead merely telling readers, “The royal family has not yet responded to Globe’s outrageous report.” That’s because the monarchy is not in the habit of responding to drivel from bottom-feeding outlets that regularly publish bogus stories.

In 2016, Gossip Cop busted Globe for making up a cover story about Kate Middleton being pregnant with twins and taking over for Queen Elizabeth. And last September, before they were even engaged, New Idea fabricated an article about Markle and Prince Harry already being married. These are outlets that traffick in the sensational, not the truth. There is no “love child,” just like there was no secret marriage or twins.