Prince Harry NOT Ordered To Dump Meghan Markle, Despite Report

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Prince Harry Dump Meghan Markle

By Shari Weiss |

Prince Harry Dump Meghan Markle

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Prince Harry has NOT been ordered to dump Meghan Markle, despite a report. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

A headline on RadarOnline Friday reads, “Prince Harry Ordered To Stay Away From ‘Suits’ Girlfriend Meghan Markle.” The story claims, “Lovesick Prince Harry is desperate to marry his new American actress galpal — Suits stunner Meghan Markle — but his dad Charles, pushed by snooty wife Camilla, has banned the nuptials!”

It’s alleged that when Prince Harry “introduced Markle to dad Charles — and his evil stepmom Camilla got wind of the romance — they put their foot down.” According to a so-called “palace insider,” Harry’s father and stepmother both think Markle “isn’t worthy of their family.” And, at Camilla’s urging, Charles supposedly “issued Prince Harry a royal decree” to “get rid of her — fast!”

“Snooty Camilla doesn’t want another commoner — like William‘s wife Kate — tainting the royal blood and trying to change the monarchy,” claims the outlet’s source. “Camilla likens Meghan to her brother-in-law Prince Andrew‘s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson. She triggered public scandals getting photographed having her toes sucked by a lover — and trying to sell access to the royal family.”

It’s further alleged “Charles also threatened to cut off Harry’s generous allowance if he doesn’t ditch Markle,” but “Swooning like a teenager, Harry’s been bombarding Markle with late-night sex texts and calls.” The webloid concludes, “Could it be over already? Markle is currently staying in London, but Harry’s jetting out of town to Barbados for an event with Rihanna this weekend.”

But Markle isn’t just in London. She was actually seen at Kensington Palace on Thursday, the day before this breakup story was published. So, no, it isn’t “over already.”

And despite the implication, Prince Harry isn’t ditching Markle for Rihanna, but going on official royal business. The singer has no bearing on the couple’s relationship. Most importantly, though, Prince Harry hasn’t been ordered by Prince Charles to dump his girlfriend.

This story is on the opposite end of the spectrum from one Gossip Cop busted earlier for falsely claiming Prince Harry and Markle are engaged. Both allegations are equally wrong.

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Prince Harry was ordered to dump Meghan Markle.

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