Prince Harry Had ‘Showdown’ With Donald Trump Over Meghan Markle?

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Prince Harry Donald Trump Meghan Markle

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Prince Harry Donald Trump Meghan Markle


Did Prince Harry have a “secret showdown” with Donald Trump over remarks he made about Meghan Markle? That’s the claim being splashed across the cover of one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the report, and it’s not true.

According to the Globe, Prince Harry “secretly confronted” Trump over his comment about Markle being “nasty.” After Trump insulted the duchess, the redheaded royal “refused to hold back” and got in the president’s face, maintains the magazine. To back up its premise, which was not even hinted at by any other legitimate outlet, the publication contends it has a “palace source” who shares how “people tried to stop [Prince Harry]” from having words with Trump, but “he wouldn’t listen” because he was “seething.”

The publication’s supposed tipster notes rather conveniently that the purported “showdown took place away from the cameras that recorded” Trump’s visit with Queen Elizabeth and the other royals. The so-called “source” asserts Prince Harry pulled Trump aside and said verbatim, “How dare you insult my wife! You should be ashamed of yourself!” The quotes are so over-the-top and dramatic, Gossip Cop can almost imagine that tabloid’s informant having Prince Harry then challenge Trump to a duel.

Actually, one of the later remarks in the article has the “source” saying how Prince Harry “can’t forgive the real estate tycoon for relentlessly stalking his late mother, Princess Diana, after she and Prince Charles split in 1992.” Naturally, no real person would say in normal conversation such biographical information as “the real estate tycoon,” as well as refer to Prince Harry’s mom as “his late mother, Princess Diana,” followed by a Wikipedia-like phrase about how “she and Prince Charles split in 1992.” And as mentioned above, while the alleged insider says “people tried to stop” Prince Harry from confronting Trump, it glaringly doesn’t mention who. Suffice to say, the tipster and his or her quotations sound made-up.

Whether Trump was calling Markle herself as “nasty” or was just referring to her 2016 remarks about him being a misogynist and wanting to move to Canada, if he were elected, is immaterial. Also insignificant is Trump later calling Prince Harry a “terrific guy” after they met during his state visit earlier this month. What is important is that there was no “showdown” between Prince Harry and Trump, and not only did Gossip Cop’s sources who deal with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s camp say it’s fabricated, but as previously stated, no other outlets that relentlessly cover the royals have even suggested there was a confrontation, even “away from the cameras.”

The Globe, however, has a history of publishing provably false cover stories about Prince Harry and Markle. Interestingly, in its latest piece the magazine didn’t bring up last month’s report that Gossip Cop debunked about how Prince Harry may not be the real father of Markle’s baby Archie. Nor does it explain why the younger royal was even invited to the lunch with Trump after the outlet incorrectly insisted on yet another front page how Prince Charles disowned Prince Harry because DNA proved he was not his real father.

Also not addressed was the cover story from 2018 in which the tabloid wrongly swore up and down Prince Harry had a “love child” who wrecking his wedding plans to MarkleGossip Cop busted each and every one of those manufactured reports, which time has also shown to be completely inaccurate. Perhaps it’s time the magazine has a showdown with its supposed royal insiders and confronts them about feeding the publication with phony articles about Prince Harry and Markle.


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