Prince Harry Did NOT Have “Date” With Rihanna, Despite Report

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Prince Harry Rihanna Date

By Michael Lewittes |

Prince Harry Rihanna Date

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Prince Harry and Rihanna did not have a “date” nor is Meghan Markle “sad” about the non-existent event, despite a manufactured tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct this absurdity.

According to OK!, which published a few pictures of the “Suits” actress in Toronto, “Markle doesn’t look like she’s having a happy holiday season.” The publication claims the actress was spotted in a grocery store and was “looking down in the dumps.” The outlet then notes that her boyfriend, Prince Harry, just wrapped up his 15-day tour of the Caribbean, where it alleges he was “making googly eyes with Rihanna.”

In actuality, the photos of Markle don’t show her “sad” at all. If anything, she appears to be a slight bit annoyed, which very likely could be from being hounded by paparazzi while she was simply trying to pick up some fruit, vegetables and paper towels. As for the claim that Prince Harry and Rihanna had a “date” and that he was making “googly eyes” with the singer, Gossip Cop is beyond perplexed.

The writers at OK! seemingly have a funny view of romance, because meeting someone at an event in Barbados and then taking a live AIDS test with them is not exactly what we call a “date.” And that’s as far as it got between Rihanna and Prince Harry (see above). Additionally, Markle was most assuredly not “sad” over that.

But making up stories about Prince Harry is not new for the tabloid. Last year, the magazine printed a cover story that wrongly claimed Prince Harry was engaged to Cressida Bonas. It’s also the same unreliable tabloid that falsely alleged on another cover that Prince Harry was secretly dating Pippa Middleton. What’s actually “sad” is the publication’s inaccurate coverage of Prince Harry.

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Prince Harry and Rihanna had a date, leaving Meghan Markle sad.


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