Prince Harry is NOT to blame for Meghan Markle shutting down her lifestyle blog, The Tig, despite claims and speculation. Gossip Cop can bust the stories.

The New York Post asks in a headline, "Prince Harry To Blame For Meghan Markle Shutting Down Blog?" The tabloid newspaper reports the actress announced the closure of her site on Friday. "The move immediately sparked speculation that her relationship with Prince Harry, whom she has been dating for several months, is becoming more serious, and that she is following royal protocol by becoming more private," says the paper.

RadarOnline wonders in its own piece, "Did the Royal Family order Prince Harry's honey to kill it?" The webloid notes, "Many are wondering if she is being forced to shut it down by her soon-to-be royal family." To wit, the site shares comments from fans who assumed Markle's decision was because of her relationship.

And then there's HollywoodLife, which blares, "Meghan Markle Shuts Down Her Lifestyle Blog — Did Prince Harry Ask Her To?" The notoriously inaccurate outlet breathlessly exclaims, "What does this mean?! ... Is this something she had to do for her relationship with Prince Harry?" Repeating its speculation over and over instead of providing answers, the online publication again asks, "Could this all be for her boyfriend of over a year Prince Harry?"

But all three articles are misguided. Markle's decision had nothing to do with her royal romance and everything to do with her professional and charitable obligations. As most bloggers, famous or not, come to realize, the actress has learned that actively running and regularly updating a blog is extremely time-consuming. Markle already has a job, namely "Suits," and when combined with her humanitarian endeavors, there has been a decreasing amount of time to devote to The Tig.

Unable to give it her all, Markle made the reasonable decision to put forth her energy elsewhere. It's as simple as that, and all these outlets suggesting otherwise are really just reading too much into it. Prince Harry is not to blame, nor did he or his family ask Markle to shut down the site.

Earlier this week, Gossip Cop also busted In Touch for ridiculously claiming Prince Harry's family hates Markle and debunked a Star story that wrongly said Markle would be moving in with Harry if he proposes within the year. On the contrary, Markle will be living in Toronto through 2017's end due to "Suits."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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