Prince Harry Having Bachelor Party In Las Vegas?

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Prince Harry Bachelor Party

By Shari Weiss |

Prince Harry Bachelor Party

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Is Prince Harry having his bachelor party in Las Vegas? That’s what one tabloid wants readers to believe. But Gossip Cop can bust the untrue report.

The article is featured in the latest issue of Heat, under the headline, “Harry’s Wild Vegas Stag Do.” Abroad, bachelor parties are commonly referred to as “stag parties.” In its story, the gossip magazine starts by reminding readers that there was a “teensy bit of controversy” the “last time Prince Harry went to Las Vegas,” and asserts, “It seems Harry is not finished with Vegas just yet, as Sin City is currently top of the list of destinations for his upcoming stag do.”

“Of course Meghan trusts him, but she was surprised when Harry told her his plans,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying.” This supposed source claims, “She worries about the scrutiny he’ll be under there after his last visit. But Harry insists they won’t just be partying.” The outlet’s alleged tipster contends the red-headed royal “wants to go camping and backpacking with his mates for two or three days in the Grand Canyon, then spend the rest of their time living it up in Vegas.”

“They are planning to go to the casinos, take in some shows, walk along the strip and drink, of course,” continues the purported snitch, adding, “They’ll stay in a huge suite in one of the best hotels, so it can be as private as possible.” Of course, as has been well-documented with leaked photos of Prince Harry that were seen around the globe, his previous Vegas trip didn’t turn out to be too private at all.

And though the publication goes on to assert that Prince William will be abstaining from the alleged Nevada adventure, the “insider” claims about Markle, “While she believes Harry when he says he is going to be on his best behavior, she knows how things can get messy, especially in Vegas. She knows Harry’s grown up a lot but, of course, she saw what happened last time.” Yeah, and so did the rest of the world.

That’s precisely why this tale is bogus. It’s because of Prince Harry’s sordid Sin City history and the fact that he would indeed be under “scrutiny” if he returned for a bachelor party that makes this report so far-fetched and unbelievable. Neither the royal heir or his family would want the harsh glare of the spotlight that would be shining if went to Las Vegas for such a trip.

And when Gossip Cop inquired with our contacts about this story, they laughed not just because of the phony claims, but because whatever Prince Harry decides to do to celebrate his impending nuptials, it won’t be such a tabloid breaking the news. Practically no details were released about Prince William’s bachelor party in 2011, and it’s likely the monarchy will take the same approach now with Prince Harry.

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