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With the news that Prince Harry is set to return home by the end of the year, tabloids believe major drama awaits. One tabloid claims it’s up to Prince Charles to prevent “the final showdown” with brother Prince William. Gossip Cop investigates this Shakesperean rumor.

‘Brothers At War’

According to Woman’s Day, Prince Harry is soon coming home not just “for tax and visa reasons,” but for his “12-month abdication review deadline.” The Duke of Sussex will have to answer for his 2020 actions, like “politically charged declarations and pontification on social media.” The person least happy to see him is his own brother, Prince William, who “feels there is no going back.”

Prince Harry is especially slighted that his brother “has stepped forward to take on” the Duke of Sussex’s role as “head of the Royal Marines.” A source says “Prince Harry was floored by that,” and he “Was going to appeal to have that role reinstated at the 12-month review.” The rift between the brothers has left Prince Charles “no choice but to act.” The Prince of Wales will sit down with his sons “and have this out once and for all.”

There Is No Abdication Review

The very heart of this story is completely made-up. Prince Harry is returning to England by the end of the year with Meghan Markle as the two prepare for their court date against the Mail on Sunday. The details on this “abdication review deadline” are left extremely vague. Is it a review or is it a deadline? Prince Harry already left so is this him trying to get back? Who presides over this? There are no answers to these questions because the review deadline is not real.

The Miltary Position Has Not Been Settled

As for the Royal Marines position, that post is currently up in the air. Nothing has been said publicly to indicate that Prince William is taking over the position. This story came from, oh would you look at that, the Mail on Sunday which claimed Prince Harry couldn’t hold the position from Los Angeles and had fallen out of touch with the marines. Prince Harry sent a legal warning to the paper over that article, calling it “false and defamatory.” Prince Harry did have to relinquish his military titles back in March, so in all likelihood, he will not keep the position; however, the whole situation is still very much up in the air.

Tabloid Has No Handle On Royal Affairs

This is the same tabloid that just anointed Kate Middleton as queen. That straight up didn’t happen, as the throne will go to Prince Charles someday, not Middleton. Woman’s Day also said Prince Harry was planning to rejoin the military, but now says he’s on the outs with the military. The magazine can’t even keep its own made-up stories straight.’

A different showdown was promoted last month when the tabloid claimed the Cambridges had arrived in LA to confront the Sussexes. It just seems like the tabloid loves putting the word “showdown” beside photos of the brothers. This kind of drama may sell magazines, but that doesn’t make it true. Prince William has remained in Great Britain, so now the tabloid has switched tactics and says the showdown will happen there instead.

Gossip Cop can comfortably say that this story is false. There probably is some tension between Prince Harry and Prince William as there’s tension between millions of brothers the world over, but there’s not some “final showdown” planned or anything. Since the "abdication review" thing is an outright fabrication, this story is bogus.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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