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Another day, another inflammatory story about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Have the two recently suffered a betrayal and entered “their worst fight ever?” Gossip Cop investigates.

‘They Can’t Come Back From This’

The cover story of Woman’s Day says “Meghan betrays Harry,” leading to the kind of fight you “can’t come back from.” What was that betrayal? Well, the tabloid provides a few different possibilities. Markle recently “admitted to feeding information to the authors of her biography, Finding Freedom” for one thing. She also recorded an anti-Trump video, with the tabloid saying “involving herself in an election is the ultimate royal etiquette no-no.”

Perhaps the biggest betrayal though stems from the Sussexes multimillion-dollar production deal with Netflix, which “was Meghan’s idea - Harry went along with it because he figured as an actress, she knew best” a source told the magazine. The source added “I imagine they’ve had blazing rows over it all” because Netflix produces The Crown, which in season four focuses on “dramatizing the failure of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana’s marriage.”

In addition to the drama in the couple, the magazine also casts doubt on if the move to the United States has worked out. The Sussexes have been “slammed for being social climbers whose actions are nothing more than a slap in the face to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch,” the tabloid says. It also says a recent Prince Harry cameo on Strictly Come Dancing was “his way of reconnecting” with the United Kingdom, and is evidence that he and Markle “don’t see eye to eye,” and that “he’s missing home.”

The tabloid throws in an unflattering comparison to Kate Middleton, saying the Duchess of Cambridge “has never been more popular,” which makes “Meghan’s blood boil.” In short, the Sussexes “are almost always fighting” over, well, everything, apparently.

Oh Brother, Where To Begin?

This is a loaded hit piece on the Duchess of Sussex, but one that is loaded with misinformation. Markle didn’t speak to the Finding Freedom authors directly as this tabloid says. She spoke to friends she knew could talk to the authors. That may seem like splitting hairs, but there’s a pretty big difference between talking to friends and seeking out an author. As for the election video, Markle is American. Americans have a right to discuss who they’re voting for despite whatever the royal family might think, it’s completely Markle’s right to do so.

The tabloid calls the Sussexes “social climbers” which is just insane. Prince Harry is literally in the line of succession, there’s really no higher social standing than literally being a member of the royal family. Plus, it tries to act like the move to the US wasn’t as triumphant as the Sussexes had hoped, as if they could control COVID-19. They moved to America to raise Archie as they saw fit, and between buying a new home and securing their future through the Netflix deal, Gossip Cop would say they’ve done pretty well all things considered.

This Tabloid Despises Markle

Back in January, this tabloid reported a far bigger fight when it said the Sussexes had broken up. They didn’t then, and they aren’t now. It made Markle look like a selfish diva when it said she had a meltdown on Archie's birthday. The couple shared a video of a calm Markle reading to her excited baby on that special day, so this report was nothing more than a Markle hit piece.

As for the Netflix deal, Woman’s Day previously said Markle did it in part to extort $75 million from the royal family under threat of a Princess Diana documentary. The tabloid said this would be “nothing more than a vanity project for” Markle. We don’t know what the Sussexes are making for Netlfix, but you could cut that hatred with a knife. This tabloid’s treatment of Markle is almost universally bogus and is entirely indefensible.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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