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Self-exiled royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sparked a wave of speculation when Netflix announced a production deal with the two. One project, according to one tabloid, will be a tell-all documentary about the royal family including footage filmed in secret while the two were in England. It seems both difficult and illegal to film people for a reality show without their consent, so Gossip Cop is investigating.

Secret Footage Seals The Deal

The National Enquirer begins its story by saying the “royal quitters” have “secretly amassed a trove of film before fleeing the UK.” This vault will be opened for “a bombshell tell-all documentary” likely to land on Netflix. This secret footage of “the Hollywood newbie and his B-list bride” is the real reason for the million-dollar deal, as a “glimpse of the royal family, especially during their epic falling-out, would be a megahit.”

The Crown Is Not Pleased

‘The royal family is not happy about this news, palace sources say. The sources speculate that there could even be footage of the queen: “imagine footage of Meghan in tears following a royal snub or secret audios of Harry arguing with his brother or father.” The tabloid says this “could burn Buckingham Palace to the ground” and would be “the ultimate betrayal.”

Keep An Eye On Archie

Should the secret footage be made public, the tabloid says we should watch for two things. First, for the queen to promptly “strip the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of all their titles,” and to check if baby Archie is in the footage. The Sussexes have been very protective of Archie, but it could’ve been to simply increase the cost of this footage. The article ends by saying “if Archie were to appear, it would seem as if they had planned this all along and used him as currency” to make the footage more expensive.

The Sussexes Will Not Do A Reality Show

What the tabloid describes here, the Sussexes welcoming cameras into their home to capture drama sounds a lot like a reality show. The only thing we know for a fact that Markle and Prince Harry will not make is a reality show about themselves. A spokesperson for the couple made it very clear: “The Duke and Duchess are not taking part in any reality shows.” Since this footage, even if it’s called a “tell-all documentary,” would still have all the fixings of a reality show, Gossip Cop is calling this story false.

Not A Terribly Original Story

Earlier this week, we busted sister-mag Life & Style over a very similar story about Markle grooming Archie to become a reality show star. The tabloids are latching onto the couple’s privacy as evidence that they secretly want to profit from the baby. The Sussexes left the royal family in part for more privacy, so this narrative is directly against that wish. This latest Enquirer story just repeats that same bogus plot.

So-Called Sources Have No Insight

Gossip Cop has repeatedly busted this tabloid whenever it prints a story about the royal family. It claimed Markle was going to make a documentary about Princess Diana and was demanding a $90 million pay off to stop her. It called her a diva on her birthday and that she’d been banned from the family by Queen Elizabeth. Each of these stories cited "royal insiders" and all were totally false.

We still do not know what Meghan Markle and her “Hollywood newbie” husband will produce for Netflix, but we do know it will not involve cameras inside their home.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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