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A body language expert has told one tabloid that there are major relationship issues between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Just how much stock should we put into this story? We think you can guess, but Gossip Cop has the full story.

Spreading Positivity Online Leads To Negativity In Magazines

According to New Idea, the Sussexes can’t hide their issue, as “subconscious body language displays are an indication of broader issues.” In a recent Zoom call, a body language expert who likely has never spoken to the Sussexes noticed “when Meghan speaks, it is her taking the stage and Harry immediately looks at the floor.”

The purpose of this article is to reaffirm the stupid idea that Markle is controlling Prince Harry through her feminine wiles. This body language expert says Harry’s discomfort is the “manifestation of someone giving away their power.” A few errant looks mean, in this tabloid’s eyes, that “this is now the Meghan show, with Harry the side act.”

Let’s Look At The Zoom Call

This article is preposterous. What does this expert want, for Prince Harry to repeatedly talk over his wife and assert dominance or something? Plus, his attention in this environment should be on his computer screen to look at the other people in the call, not on the person sitting next to him. Zoom calls aren’t couples therapy, and therefore this report can be disregarded.

This so-called expert is looking at a grainy Zoom interview to conclude that an entire family is in danger. The actual Zoom call itself was for the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, and in it, both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex praised Queen Elizabeth, something conveniently left out of this story.

Prince Harry has a lot to say in this clip, and his looking down could mean anything. For one thing, Prince Harry’s level of discomfort is exaggerated, but who feels completely comfortable on Zoom anyway? Plus, the computer-camera is clearly below his line of sight so he literally has to look down. This article takes the principles of couples therapy and distorts them to prove a point while blissfully ignoring what the interview shows.

The Two Are Working Together As Parents and Professionally

The Sussexes would not do this call if they were in relationship trouble. They would not be working together as producers for Netlfix, nor would they be launching the MWX Foundation together, or doing as much charity work as they've been doing together. We can judge their actions and see the two are in lockstep, or you can listen to this alleged expert who thinks biting his lip must only mean Harry is “holding back comment.” This article is patently absurd.

Queen Versus Markle Stories Abound

This Zoom call contained praise for Queen Elizabeth II, which contradicts previous New Idea reports about alleged strain in the royal family. Gossip Cop recently debunked this tabloid for saying the queen had arrived in Los Angeles to confront the Duchess of Sussex. There was a report of a secret lawsuit that would keep the queen from baby Archie. Plus there was that ridiculous story about Queen Elizabeth suspecting Markle is a jewel thief.

Can be please give these Queen Elizabeth versus Meghan Markle stories a rest? Even in this charitable Zoom call, how the Sussexes move their eyeballs is under gossip media scrutiny. The tabloid is really reaching here to make something out of absolutely nothing.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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