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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have landed in southern California and, according to one tabloid, they are struggling and have worn out their welcome in their rental house. Gossip Cop investigated the claim. Here's what we've determined.

The cover story of this week's Life & Style makes a number of allegations about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, their future, and their current financial situation. A supposed source tells the outlet that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are "struggling" to adapt. "Starting over's proven tougher than either of them imagined, and Harry's running out of money."

The story then goes on to make wild claims about how the duke and duchess are dealing with the coronavirus lockdown, much in the same way everyone is struggling with it. Life is on hold for everyone in many ways, and Markle and Prince Harry are no different. Using the worldwide pandemic as cover, the tabloid's so-called "source" says, "They still don't have their own place — they're crashing at a friend's pad nearby Malibu to keep costs down and they can't afford their dream house as of now." The dubious source continues, remarking, "It's as if Harry's gone from His Royal Highness to practically homeless!"

From there, the story goes on and on, bringing up previously debunked claims like Markle fighting with her mother and various other unsubstantiated claims ("Meghan's teaching Harry to cook!"). Really, nothing in the story is true beyond the fact that they are currently living in a rented house in Malibu, which, by the way, is hardly "practically homeless."

The royal family's financial situation is notoriously difficult to get a handle on. A relatively small amount of their income comes from the government in the United Kingdom, but a vast majority of the money the family live on comes from vast landholdings held mostly by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. Even with no taxpayer help, the family is still phenomenally wealthy.

In the agreement he made with the queen, Prince Charles agreed to help his son financially until he and Meghan Markle were able to strike out on their own completely. Additionally, it is generally understood that Prince Harry inherited a significant amount of money from his mother, Princess Diana, after she died in 1997. Long story short, the couple is not "struggling" right now beyond the normal struggles of life under quarantine.

This tabloid has shown time and time again that it has no insight into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's private lives. This is especially true since they moved to Los Angeles. Last month, we busted the outlet for a phony report claiming that Tom Cruise was recruiting Markle for a movie role in an upcoming film. The tabloid's story was light on details and heavy on made-up conjecture, which was roundly dismissed with our impeccable source close to Cruise. It's no surprise that the magazine is wrong yet again.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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