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Prince George did not steal and put on his father Prince William's pants because he hates wearing "baby shorts," despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct this entirely fabricated tale. We're told it's all made-up.

According to the National Enquirer, Prince George has been "plotting endlessly" for ways to stop having to wear shorts, and instead dress in something more like his father. And to do so, alleges the magazine, the 4-year-old devised a "palace plot." A so-called "royal spy" tells the publication in highly unnatural language, "It was the cutest, most hilarious sight to behold. Up he popped for early breakfast, self-dressed in royal daddy Prince William's trousers." The seemingly fabricated source explains that Prince George had "snatched a pair of Papa's khakis, managed to fold the leg hems many times over... then looped a jump rope around his waist like a belt." "It was truly rather genius, and George's parents were quite impressed with their little prince's ingenuity," adds the almost assuredly concocted tipster.

Interestingly, not one of the British tabloids that cover the royals day and night reported this story. The tabloid also glaringly neglects to mention when this supposedly occurred and why Prince George would take his dad's pants but not his belt, and instead grab a children's toy to put around his waist when his whole plan was to wear "something more Daddy-ish." And where did this all take place that it could be witnessed by an alleged "royal spy," who incomprehensibly chose the repeatedly discredited National Enquirer to share this information with, rather than one of England's outlets?

If none of it adds up, there's a reason. The tabloid completely manufactured this phony story about Prince George. Gossip Cop fact-checked with an actual palace source, who assures up it's just a fabrication.

Oddly, the publication is fixated on the young royal and his clothes. In August, we busted the magazine when it falsely claimed Prince George threw a tantrum over wearing shorts and allegedly screamed, "I'm going to be king one day, and a king should not wear goofy shorts!" Of course, if the little boy understands how he'll be England's future monarch, then clearly Prince George knows he wears shorts because that's the tradition of royals and aristocrats up until around the age of 8.

Additionally, Gossip Cop previously corrected the tabloid when it ran an insanely untrue story about Prince George drawing Queen Elizabeth a unicorn with a genitals-shaped horn. That report was accompanied by a doctored photo, as is the current one which features the young boy in rolled-up adult pants. The long and short of it is that magazine's new article about Prince George is nothing more than a royal lie.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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