Prince Died From Opioid Overdose, Prescribed Fentanyl Day Before Death

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Prince Opioid Death Cause

By Michael Lewittes |

Prince Opioid Death Cause

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Prince died of an opioid overdose and was even prescribed medication just one day before his death, according to the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office. The coroner’s office concluded, based on toxicology tests, that Prince overdosed accidentally on Fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid.

Gossip Cop previously reported it was suspected at the time of his death that Prince overdosed on painkillers, which he had been taken for chronic hip pain. As a result, Prince’s doctors and the pharmacies, with which he had prescriptions, were questioned in connection with the investigation of his death.

What emerged is that Prince met with Dr. Michael Schulenberg, a Minnesota physician, on April 7, exactly two weeks before the singer died. On April 15, Prince’s private jet, which was en route from Georgia to Minnesota, made an emergency landing in Illinois because he allegedly had overdosed on Percocet. Before even being transported to a local hospital, the singer was administered an antidote shot at the airport.

According to the investigation, Prince returned to Dr. Schulenberg’s office on April 20, and was reportedly prescribed more medication. That same day, the singer’s reps contacted addiction specialist Dr. Howard Kornfeld. But it was too late. Prince died on April 21 at the age of 57. The specialist’s son Andrew Kornfield, who was going to take Prince to a doctor for evaluation, ended up being one of the three people who found the singer dead in his mansion.

As Gossip Cop previously noted, federal authorities joined forces with the Carver County Sheriff’s Office in Minnesota to investigate Prince’s passing. The U.S. Attorney’s Office said in May that it and the DEA were helping local investigators with “federal resources and expertise about prescription drug diversion.”

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