Prince Charles Worried About Portrayal In “The Crown”?

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Prince Charles The Crown

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Prince Charles The Crown

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Is Prince Charles really worried about the portrayal of his relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles in the third series of Netflix’s “The Crown”? That’s the latest claim coming from one of this week’s tabloids, but Gossip Cop can set the record straight. We’re told it’s “false.”

The upcoming season of “The Crown” is set to feature the introduction of Parker-Bowles, but according to Life & Style, Prince Charles is “panicking” over how his marriage will be depicted on the show. A so-called “source” is quoted as telling the gossip magazine, “Charles is having sleepless nights over it. He can’t seem to escape his past and is feeling anxious about what ‘The Crown’ will divulge.” The publication’s alleged “insider” continues to claim, “The next season of ‘The Crown’ will reveal what went on behind closed doors with Camilla and Charles, and his turbulent marriage to Diana.”

The often discredited outlet goes on to assert that Parker-Bowles, on the other hand, isn’t concerned about her portrayal in the period drama. “Charles is worried. His wife? Not so much. Camilla is relishing becoming a key character in the show,” contends the tabloid’s tipster. But Gossip Cop looked into the report, and a royal source, who wasn’t authorized to speak on the record, tells us the story is completely “false.” For one, Vanity Fair has already confirmed Princess Diana is not in the upcoming season of “The Crown,” so the love triangle with Camilla and the demise of Prince Charles’ first marriage will not be played out on-screen just yet.

And contrary to the publication’s far-fetched and provably inaccurate tale, the Duke of Cornwall isn’t “panicking” over how his relationship with Parker-Bowles will be represented on “The Crown.” As a member of the royal family, every aspect of his life, embarrassing or otherwise, has already been widely reported on, including in biographies specifically about Prince Charles. It makes no sense then to claim he’s concerned about a television show portraying what’s already widely known. On top of that, the Netflix drama has been well-received by the royals, particularly the queen, who reportedly enjoys watching “The Crown.”

Oddly, this isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has busted Life & Style for publishing a bogus article involving the popular Netflix show. In December, for instance, we corrected the magazine when it falsely claimed Meghan Markle watched “The Crown” to learn about royal etiquette. In that bizarre narrative, the publication ridiculously alleged the hit series was Markle’s “cheat sheet” now that she’s engaged to Prince Harry. Of course, the story was wholly made-up.

And similar to the latest report, Gossip Cop called out the website Celeb Dirty Laundry for its equally inaccurate story about Prince William and Kate Middleton being concerned about the portrayal of their marriage on “The Crown.” That article was untrue, and the same goes for this latest one about Prince Charles being worried about how his relationship with Parker-Bowles will be shown in the upcoming season.

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