Camila Parker Bowles has a reputation in the tabloids as an ambitious backstabber who will use Prince Charles to gain power. One report this week claims she’s going to kick Princess Anne out of the family as a way of consolidating even more control over the British monarchy. Is this remotely accurate? Gossip Cop thinks you can guess, but we’ve looked into it all the same.

‘Charles Purges Sister From Royal Family’

According to the Globe, “Prince Charles plans to boot his sister” out of the royal family’s inner circle just like he did with Prince Andrew. The tabloid says “the royal family will evolve with Charles coming to the throne,’ and the inner circle is “going to be Charles and Camilla, and then William and Kate and their children and eventual spouses,” leaving Princess Anne on the outs with Prince Andrew.

The trimming of the royal family is “because of ambitious Camila… who’s carried out a ruthless, dirty plan to be queen for decades.” The tabloid says she’s “waged a backstabbing campaign against William and his wife, Kate, who she saw as a rival” for the throne. “The queen will die soon,” the tabloid says, “and [Camilla will] be on the throne,” and Bowles refuses to share the limelight with anyone. The article concludes by saying “One more casualty, Anne, should be no problem for Camilla.”

This Is Fiction

You can’t really kick someone out of a family, nor can this tabloid know who will be in an inner circle when the circle has yet to be formed. This story lists Prince Andrew as someone who “has already been kicked to the curb,” but he was still in attendance at his daughter Princess Beatrice’s wedding, and is still eighth in line for the throne. Short of executing someone like Queen Elizabeth I did to her sister Mary, Queen of Scots, it’s not really possible to kick a royal-by-blood out of the family.

The tabloid acts as though Bowles has been a bloodthirsty Lady Macbeth figure, but this isn’t the case. She’s not the reason why Prince Andrew is on the outs, that’s a situation of his own doing. There is no backstabbing campaign against the Cambridge’s, and Bowles isn’t going to be named queen anyway. This story is built on a slew of bogus minor claims.

How Is Princess Anne A Threat?

This is little more than a hit piece on Bowles with little logic or reason to it. It’s unclear why Princess Anne would be any kind of threat to Bowles in the first place, as she’s not ahead of her in titles or position. Aside from dating the same man in the 1970s, there isn’t any real source of tension between these two. This tabloid just wants to put Bowles in conflict with as many women as possible, so this story should not be taken seriously. It's worth mentioning too that Prince Edward is nowhere to be found in this story. Is he to suffer the same supposed fate as his siblings? Why isn't he getting "kicked out?" Because no one is and Prince Edward's face attached to bogus stories doesn't sell papers.

Other Bogus Bowles Stories

This story comes from the same tabloid who once said Bowles had physically attacked Queen Elizabeth II in a drunken rage, which was utter hogwash. It claimed Prince Charles was dying and cutting Bowles out of his will, but he was not dying at all. Recently Gossip Cop busted a story about Bowles being demoted by the queen, but once again we proved that isn't really possible.

This tabloid has no insight into Bowles’s life or the royal family at all. It simply manufactured conflict to sell magazines. The royal family’s inner circle under Prince Charles’s regime won’t be decided until he’s actually coronated, and anything until then is strictly speculation.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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