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Prince Charles has waited longer than anyone in England ever has to become king, but Queen Elizabeth shows no signs of stepping aside anytime soon. Is this causing Prince Charles to sink into despair? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Fears For Charles!’

According to Woman’s Day, “Prince Charles was in no mood to celebrate” his 72nd birthday. The fourth season of The Crown debuted last week and this season focuses on Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage. “Charles is utterly distraught that he has been made to look like the villain in the worst possible way,” a source told the tabloid, and he believed the program “will come at great cost to the monarchy’s reputation.”

This is only part of his anger though, as the damage to his reputation has gone all the way to the queen. She recently “blindsided” the king-in-waiting “by releasing plans to celebrate her 70th year on the throne in 2022” after “leading Charles to believe she would allow him to take over when she turned 95.” Prince Charles is “incredibly upset” over this, as it leaves him “in limbo again.” The article concludes by saying “it is, without a doubt, his lowest ebb in quite some time.’

Can’t Speak On 'The Crown', But Succession Fear is Silly

Queen Elizabeth did indeed announce plans for her platinum jubilee, but that wouldn’t cause Prince Charles despair. Queen Elizabeth has made it abundantly clear that she will continue to serve as the head of the realm until she dies. She won’t step down at 95, nor would she step down at 105. If anyone in the world would know this, it would be her son Prince Charles, who has spent his entire life watching his mother have a historic reign.

The foundation of the monarchy is tradition. Tradition dictates that Queen Elizabeth will serve until she dies. There are no plans for abdication, so this whole narrative about Prince Charles being “in limbo” is absurd. He’s right where he’s always been: next in line for the throne when his mother passes away. While Gossip Cop will agree that he’s portrayed pretty negatively on The Crown, the rest of this story is complete hogwash.

Other Bogus Stories About Royals

This tabloid likes to say it has “royal sources,” but Gossip Cop has proven time and again that this cannot be true. This tabloid said a “royal succession crisis” was happening after Prince William announced his Covid-19 diagnosis. We pointed out that this was not a crisis, there are loads of rules and measures in place if the next 50 people in line for the throne perish. We also pointed out that it’s impossible for these sources to know how scared the royal family was when it didn’t even know Prince William had the coronavirus until he announced it months later.

This tabloid also reported that Kate Middleton would succeed to become the queen of England, but that obviously didn’t happen. It also claimed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had staged a takeover of Barbados, which is not remotely true. This assortment of royal stories just shows you how little this tabloid really knows about the royal family. While it may not have been a great week for Prince Charles, there’s no reason truth to him lamenting some supposed succession shift because there hasn’t been any.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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