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A new report alleges Prince Charles has disowned Prince Harry after a "DNA shocker" about how he's not the young royal's real father. The story is both untrue and unoriginal. Actually, Gossip Cop first debunked the claim a year ago.

According to the cover of the Globe, Prince Charles has cut out his youngest son after it was "revealed the renegade redhead isn't really a member of the royal family." Continuing with its emphasis on alliteration over accuracy, the supermarket tabloid contends the father and son recently had a "furious fight" that could tear apart the monarchy. To push along its false narrative, the often discredited magazine alleges a "senior courtier" tells that publication (and no legitimate outlets), "Harry and his wife, Meghan, have been banned from family gatherings."

The supposed "courtier," who informally calls the royals by their first names and offers details in unnatural language, asserts, "They're disowned, and Charles is insisting he did not sire Harry... The Prince of Wales claims red-haired former royal bodyguard Mark Dyer is the real father." The tabloid further maintains "Charles' bombshell hit Harry like an ax between the eyes," and Prince William was also "shaken by the revelation."

The outlet alleges this "bombshell" about Prince Harry's "real father" emerged during a shouting match between him and Prince Charles over Markle's "bizarre behavior" and "flouting of royal rules." During the fight, says the publication's almost assuredly fabricated source, Prince Charles supposedly told his son he was "common-born," and "I'm not your father... and I have the DNA tests to prove it."

Of Dyer, the anonymous tipster blathers how he and Prince Harry "look more like father and son than Harry and Charles ever will." The untraceable source states, "Mark is often referred to as Harry's mentor and second father, but he's much more. Mark is Harry's real dad." No, he's not.

Despite the assertion that the revelation "hit Harry like an ax" and Prince William was also "shaken," this bogus claim would surprise no one since it's an old tale that has previously been debunked. In fact, almost exactly one year ago to the date, Gossip Cop busted the magazine's sister outlet, the National Enquirer, when it also falsely claimed Prince Harry's "real dad" is Dyer and not Prince Charles. Much like that disputed story, the current one also places tremendous weight on how both Prince Harry and Dyer have red hair. By that logic, Prince Harry's dad could also be Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Danny Bonaduce or Carrot Top.

Actually, other than hair color, the young royal looks nothing like Dyer. With his blue eyes, long nose and jutting ears, Prince Harry looks like Prince Charles did with a beard when he was younger. Even more striking is how Prince Harry looks exactly like his grandfather Prince Philip did in 1957. Regardless, when we first corrected the claim, as opposed to the tabloid's unidentifiable tipster, Kensington Palace assured Gossip Cop on the record that the report was absurd.

The Globe likes to make up a lot of stories about the royals, all while claiming it has palace insiders. Nearly one year ago, the same tabloid untruthfully maintained Prince Harry had a secret "love child" that was putting his wedding to Markle in jeopardy. And in just the past few months, Gossip Cop exposed the magazine for concocting a tale about Queen Elizabeth collapsing after Markle started a royal war over Christmas. That never happened, nor did Prince William accuse Prince Charles of murder and then seized the throne.

Also fictitious was the cover story about Queen Elizabeth collapsing after hearing Prince Philip was diagnosed with cancer. Each and every one of those articles prominently featured on the outlet's front page was disproven. Suffice to say, the latest tale about Prince Harry not being Prince Charles's son and being disowned is also a lie.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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