Truth About Prince Charles And Camilla Parker Bowles Marriage

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Camilla Paker Bowles holding a cake knife next to Prince Charles, behind a green cake

By Hugh Scott |

Camilla Paker Bowles holding a cake knife next to Prince Charles, behind a green cake

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Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles will be celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary in a few months. By most accounts, it is a happy and healthy marriage. The tabloids, of course, like to invent fake drama when “reporting” on the prince and the Duchess of Cornwall. Here are a few times Gossip Cop has debunked those reports in the past.

Phony articles have been written about the royal couple for years. In 2018, the National Enquirer published a ridiculous story claiming Prince Charles had demanded Parker Bowles get plastic surgery to save their marriage. The absurd article asserted Parker Bowles planned to spend $100,000 on a “cosmetic overhaul to compete with her glamorous daughters-in-law,” according to a “royal insider”.

The outlet contended Prince Charles was “consumed with jealousy” when he looked at his daughters-in-law, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle and insisted Parker Bowles get surgery to compete. Gossip Cop debunked the allegation after speaking with our own palace source, who couldn’t speak on the record, but told us at the time it was false. Two years later, there is still no evidence that this was ever true, nor is there any evidence that Parker Bowles ever had any plastic surgery.

Almost a year later, the Globe alleged that Queen Elizabeth had ordered Prince Charles to divorce Parker Bowles. In that phony report, a so-called “palace source” said, “Elizabeth told her son, ‘It’s over!’ and ordered him to divorce ‘that sharp-tongued shrew.’” This supposed insider also claimed that Prince Charles and Parker Bowles had already “secretly filed divorce papers.” Gossip Cop corrected the story after checking with our palace source who laughed off the bogus claim. Obviously, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall are still married.

A month later, Gossip Cop busted the very same tabloid after it asserted that Prince Charles and Parker Bowles’ marriage was ruled “illegal” by a divorce court. In an attempt to follow up on its previously false contention, the tabloid upped the ante by alleging that Parker Bowles would “end up behind bars if she doesn’t go quietly.” Of course, their marriage is legal. The couple married in a legal civil ceremony in April 2005. It’s silly to think 15 years later, somehow the high profile marriage is suddenly deemed otherwise.

Finally, most recently, the Globe published a bogus article last month alleging Prince Charles had cut Parker Bowles out of his will. This time, the unreliable outlet contended Prince Charles was dying and, “With doctors predicting he won’t live out the year, Prince Charles has cut his estranged wife Camilla out of his $1.3 billion will.” Gossip Cop pointed out that there was no evidence that any of the claims were true. Prince Charles is not dying, nor has he cut his wife out his will. The truth is, the couple’s love affair goes back decades, even before Prince Charles’ marriage to Princess Diana. They are still very married and still very much in love. Gossip Cop will continue to correct any reports to the contrary.


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